Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Reptilean Silouette March.

Lizard Marsh Walk

Lizardmen marching across the Marshes

The Banner of the Lizardman

The Shadow of the Reptile

So yeah, here are an assortment of the Lizardmen figures from Wei Ting, marching away. But honestly speaking, based on what I know of the Lizardmen culture in Warhammer which is largely based on Aztec and Mayan culture, I wonder do they actually have Army Regimental routines that involve them marching around :/

Not too much of an extraordinaire on South American Ancient culture nor am I knowledgeable about their ancient military tactics and regime, but it does get me wondering, how was it like to be a Saurus Warrior or an Ancient Aztec Warrior?

What type of military tactics were they taught? Honestly, I mean, did they really form up ranks and fought in battle in an orderly manner, or was warfare messy and guerilla-like for them? Did they fight using the environment and in squad number organisation or was it epic scale regiments like how you see in large-scale battles from Roman times to the Medieval Ages?

Let me know if u any of u readers got any idea. :)


  1. Just a short opinion.
    But it would be pretty obvious that the Aztecs would have adopted guerilla warfare as their climate and natural environment was thelush jungle forest.

    Tactics involving regimental formations and the display of order would have work in ill effect in the jungle.

    I guess like Josh's AH-64D post. it is all about circumstance that have cause humans from varying cultures to adapt accordingly.

    And this is very much so in terms of warfare too.

  2. agree with you Vic.
    But while varying strategies apply well to varying environment.

    Technology also plays a very important role. the Aztecs and Mayan Warriors didn't have the armor that the Lizardmen have.

    Furthermore, superior Chaos Warrior type or Knightly armor would have a better advantage on them and their weapons too.

    SO that could play a significant upperhand against the natives from foreigners. Despite perhaps their regimental fighting expertise.

    Besides, I'm sure even a bretonnian would know how to adapt to the jungle conditions by shredding a few armor plates and being more flexible in fighting.

    Its relative.

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanJune 3, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    However you guys did it. It is a great shot of the lizardmen.

    The painting isn't really epic but it is good by standards and I like how you guys take a different perspective on things.

    I have to agree in terms of the warfare approach that would have occured in ancient times according to what Desolater has stated.

    I rank Technology followed by Tactics and then Environment that paly crucial roles to a battle. All 3 factors are important, but superior technology should allow the combatant to have a lesser disadvantage and suffer less effects from tactics and environment to win a battle.

  4. Technology always triumphs over all. haha

  5. Not all the time.

    The Vietnam war taught us that lesson.
    So did the Afghan War between the Mujaheddin and the Soviets.