Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black Widow (Hot Toys)

Its a yet another Hot Toys post!


Today, I am featuring the sexy girl spy, Black Widow, portrayed by the sultry Scarlett Johanssen from the Avenger's Movie. I have to say, the hairstyle and sculpt of the Avenger's version of Black Widow trumps Iron Man 2 Black Widow by a mile. All in all, Natasha Romanov ver. 2 is looking pretty badass.

Nevermind that Scarlett doesn't do a Russian Accent. Never mind that she doesn't even give a good portrayal of Russian Decent to put more depth into the character. Her curves, moves and red hair make up for it all.

Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to objectify her (Despite the irony of me having an action figure of the Black Widow. In my defense, I have the whole avengers team. Hence, I am impartial. :p) But let's face it, Scarlett as Black Widow is a major crowd pleaser rather than a massive spoiler of the character and the Marvel franchise.

Enough Talk! Have a look at the pics and tell me you are not impress by Hot Toy's works.

 The whole One Girl two Guns theme reminds me of so many other Female heroine. I wonder if it is more prevalent than Guys with dual pistols.

The Black Widow "side-glancing" like a boss

 Aside from her Martial Art prowess, spy expertise and her pistol wielding skills, she is mocked for being one of the most useless Avenger. Something which was parodied in a Robot Chicken Short "A Critical Component" below.

It's time for some lady kung-fu kick assery!

Comparatively with the other head sculpts from the Avenger Series of Heroes, Scarlett's Head Sculpt is the best one of them all. The likeness is simply breath-taking.


Despite the great likeness to the actress, there have been criticism that the body type is not too proportional to Scarlett's figure but I am presuming that they are just using a default female body size as I am sure the Selina Kyle Cat Woman figure is probably using the same template too.

 The Crew, Their Own Personal Hot Toy figure of themselves and adorable Chinese Kids in their respective hero get ups. (AWESOME!)

In my previous post, we were also talking about the comparison between the Avenger and Winter Soldier version of Captain America. The same question goes out to you all today. Which version of Black Widow appeals to you more? Give me your thoughts!

New Hairstyle for the New Black Widow

 And New Material for her outfit.

Hope you all enjoy the pics. More awesome ones are on our Facebook page link here. I do hope all you Marvel fans are enjoying Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For those who haven't watched it yet, I shall keep my lips seal on how frigging AWESOME it is. In fact, quite honestly, I would say that it is the BEST Marvel Hero Film in leading up to the Avenger 2 Film. (Yes, it trumps both Iron Man 3 and Thor: the Dark World).

Regardless, Marvel is really nailing it in Hollywood for Epic Blockbusters. Then again, who doesn't already know that?

Till the next post.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Captain (Hot Toys)

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long long while. In fact, this is the first post for the New Year.

Time has taken Josh and I away for quite a bit but I have return and I have much in store for everyone.

For starters, in conjunction with the next big Marvel Hero to hit town in a few days, I shall feature Captain America in his Avengers Outfit! The first Avenger looks pretty awesome in his get up. Along with quite a few awesome accessories, this figure does justice to the Chris Evan's portrayal of the American Hero. Enough said, I shall let the picture do the talking.

 Winter is Coming for the First Avenger

In my opinion, the Hot Toy Quality for the Avengers Version of each Marvel Hero (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow) are the way more realistic looking than the previous version of the Hot Toy Action Figures that were catered to each of the stand-alone Marvel Hero Movie. Then again, they seem to get better as they move along in making new figures.

 The Captain looking majorly badass with a Chitauri Weapon.


The Head sculpt looks pretty fine even with the mask off. While Hot Toys don't always hit the mark for every sculpt, the Captain's head sculpt scores well for the Avengers version of it.

The First Avenger must now standup against the Winter Soldier

 The Patriot, Captain America

The Soldier

All in all, while I never really fancied Captain America, it is a great outfit design and Hot Toys have definitely nailed it. So glad to have acquired him despite missing out on the pre-order.

Speaking of which, Hot Toys has already release a few figures in collaboration with the movie. For starters, there is the Winter Soldier version of Captain America and the new  Black Widow with her new hairstyle. I am not sure if this is verified information, but I heard that Marvel/Kevin Feige intended to ensure that there are costume changes for every Hero in order for Hot Toys to be able to release newer versions of these Marvel Heroes in conjunction with their solo/stand-alone movies (prior to the lead up to the Avengers 2 film). If this was true, I must say, it is a great way to get more new products and increase profit.

 The Winter Soldier Version of Captain America

 Which looks more awesome?

Regardless, how do you find the new costume? Is Captain America's Avenger costume better? or does the saying "New is always better" rings true?

Let me know about it!

Till then, stay tune for more Hot Toys and other posts! And if you want to see more picture of the Avengers version of Captain America, Check out our Facebook page album here.

Lastly, for all you Marvel fans out there, be sure to watch and enjoy Captain America: the Winter Soldier!

Please do not forget to watch till the end credits! (Like every other Marvel Film)