Tuesday, October 20, 2015

STGCC 2015

Hi all,

It's time for the highlights of STGCC 2015 this year!

It has become a yearly affair for me and this year is no different. As usual, the artworks and toys are what draws me to the Singapore Toy, Games, Comic Convention 2015 and here are the highlights of the things I have seen and browse through in the event:

Jason Freeny's Lego Man Anatomy

Prepping for the Biggest Movie of 2015, Hot Toys present its Star Wars Line Up

 I believe that this would be the first time that Hot Toy's main features are from Star Wars. The sheer fan power of Star Wars clearly overshadowing the Marvel's limelight in 2015.

An epic sculpture diorama of Evil Ryu vs Oni

Artworks from Irene Saputra. Artist Alley showcasing South East Asian and Local Artist.
Check her works out at strangedear.tumblr.com

 Panda in Space Suit by Cacooca

Awesome Painted sculpts by Daniel Yu. Loving the Thanos Ape much!

XM Studios has grown so big. They are pretty much the most establish local sculpture studio. And they have most definitely come a long way since their haydays when I saw their works in 2010. These Dr. Strange Figure is of the highest quality and a great improvement from their older stuff.

Seeing XM Studios do the Inhumans are a dream come true for me. The sad part is just that I won't be able to buy it due to everything being sold out before the pre-orders are open. I kid you not when I say that their products are so high in demand that if you are not a premium member, you can forget about even making a pre-order because by the time it is open to the public, it is probably sold out.

 I can but only ogle at their stuff in STGCC 2015. And I gotta say that they did a real awesome job with Black Bolt and Medusa.

 Last but not least, it isn't a Comic Convention without your cosplayers.

Digging the unique touch of this cosplayer blending Captain America and Spider-man together. (Pardon my friend trolling at the back)

 For more photoes on STGCC 2015, check out our Facebook album here.

I guess this pretty much sums up the big nerd and geek events for the year!

Hope you guys like it!