Friday, September 6, 2013

STGCC 2013

Good day to everyone.

Inevitably due to life's interceding tasks on hand, both Josh and I have been almost non-existent on Toyconstruct and we can only apologize for our long absence. Despite a lacking any time to myself due to my crazy workload, I still manage to set aside some time to go to the annual Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention.

I reckon that this would be my third or fourth time going to the default Geek Fair of Singapore. And while the exhibits are relatively similar every year, it's always a nice feel to soak in the nerd and geek atmosphere that is STGCC.

 It's STGCC 2013 and Marvel is the Big Player for this year.

 Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Space Armor

  Initially, STGCC focused on artworks, collectibles and computer games, including 1/6 Model Figures of all sorts, Street Fighter, Anime Card games, Gundam and Cosplay. However, with the resurgence of Marvel and DC Heroes over the past few years due to their respective blockbuster movies, I have noticed many of the companies that have large correlation to this two big entities started do become more dominant in STGCC.

Hot Toys Man of Steel looking epic

The main highlight for last year's STGCC was the Hot Toys Panel in which the sculptors of our beloved Hot Toys came down to grace the event. (Unfortunately, taking pics with them and getting them to sign autographs required buying all three of their exclusive figures which were quite honestly, not that receptive.) Nevertheless, Hot Toys seem to be very integral to the success of STGCC as it takes up much of the floor space along with the Marvel Panel this year. And of all their products, Iron Man and the Avengers Figures were their main showcase. Man of Steel and the Dark Knight got their equal share of space in the Hot Toys booth which further substantiates the Hot Toy's reputation as a premium collectible company.

 The enslaved fanboy lapping up on all the Iron Man action.

 The Marvel Booth was filled with events and freebies.

While I am sure many fanboys would admit that the film industry saved comic book heroes from gloom and doom, it seems that these Comic Book heroes continue to provide great profitability for merchandising collectible companies. Walking over to the Play Imaginative Booth, major features were derived from Iron Man. In fact, every corner of the entire STGCC had something to do with Iron Man. (It is almost a lil sickening to see Mr. Tony Stark's property everywhere. But then again, saying that would be pretty hypocritical of me since I was wearing an Iron Man T-shirt and checking out every Iron Man collectible)

 Bruce Lee looking glum as he is no Iron Man. Nevertheless, A great figure by Enter Bay.

Despite the populace gorging over the popularity of Iron Man and it's franchise, there were many other collectibles that could draw the crowd too. EnterBay had really cool life-like figures that could compete with Hot Toys. Of which their main features were T-800 Terminator, Michael Jordan and Bruce Lee.

U-Toys Soldier Story 1/6 Figures

There were also other main Retail Players in the SG Market for all forms of Collectibles like Simply Toys, U-Toys and the Falcon Hangar. All of which were showcasing other things aside from the usual Marvel Heroes stuff. Being a Modern Warfare fan, I could not keep myself from checking out U-Toy's Soldier Story Modern Warfare figure. For those who were wondering where was Action City in the midst of all this, I can tell you that they are the direct retailer for Hot Toys. Therefore, they were the ones who organize all the Hot Toys exhibits in STGCC 2013. It is enough to deduce from this that they are the big guns in the collectible retail market in Singapore.

 Rilakkuma is tired out.

 Of course, STGCC is also an event to let cosplayers deck themselves out and really showcase their costumes. Despite not being the main event in Singapore for cosplayers to dress up, you would find a very significant proportion of cosplayers contravening together in this convention. While I lack in knowledge of anime and cosplaying, I got to admit that without these guys and girls adding colour to the crowd, STGCC 2013 would be a less vibrant event.

 Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Me and Nat

I won't deny that the toys and collectibles are what compels me to go to this event annually. However, it is the artist alley and their illustrations that I have been spending most of my moolah every year. Usually I would get one or two illustrations from Imaginary Friends but nothing seem to catch my eye this time round. I think this could be attributed largely to one guy who came down from UK to be part of STGCC and he is none other than....

The Infamous Adi Granov, Artist of the Iron Man Extremis Comic

I loved this Guy's work. The shy and soft spoken Adi provided an illustration to what would be the Modern Era Iron Man. He set the conceptual foundation of the Iron Man Trilogy. It is noteworthy to know that it is his Iron Man Extremis illustration and the story written by Warren Ellis that provided  a source for adaptation for the Iron Man Trilogy. I only regret that I didn't bring my Iron Man Extremis comic to get him to Autograph. But getting his autograph sketch book and illustration print would be my saving grace.

Obviously, taking pics with the man himself was the best thing of all (:

And so my day out at STGCC 2013 is done. It is time for me to waltz out with Spidey back into reality.