Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orihime from Bleach

Today, we delve back into my anime collection.

I give you miss Ditzy of Bleach, Inoue Orihime. While she is also well-known for a bust, Miss Inoue is your typical ditzy anime girl. However, her strong will and peculiar lifestyle and mannerism overshadow her ditzy character, making her more endearing in the anime and manga. In this figure by Bandai, she is dressed in Shinigami uniform which is a depiction of her in the Soul Society arc in which Uryu Ishida saves her from Jirobo Ikkanzaka, a Shinigami of the 7th Division.

Orihime, the Healer of the Group

 Inoue has the ability to reverse time in the predefine area of her choice to heal allies. The ability also known as Soten Kisshun is what is iconic of Orihime.

 Interesting enough, while she had the eyes of many on her during the Bleach's peak popularity period, I did not really find her that attractive. However, I did empathize with her life story and her lonesome livelihood.

 The Lonesome Demure Inoue Orihime 

Unrequited Love.

Admittedly, my interest in Bleach died after the death of Aizen. That being said, in all that time, one would know that Inoue has feelings for Ichigo. Unfortunately, Inoue is the Eponine of Bleach in which her love is not reciprocated. Most definitely soem major friendzoning on.

Though I wonder who Tite Kubo (the Artist) is kidding. The girl could get any guy. Regardless, she could be the Bad Luck Brian of the show. Am I right?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Type 98G Tanks (GHQ)

Hi all!

Finally after quite sometime, I am back with some modern military stuff that I have finally completed. After being on and off in terms of painting and assembling, I have finally finished my Type 98G Tanks from GHQ.

Type 98Gs rolling by a countryside town

While I have had my fair share of painting GHQ modern warships, the Type 98s are my first paintjob and assembly of Micro Armor. Taking much guidance from GHQ forums, I magnetized the tanks turret so that it can rotate rather than it being in a fix position permanently.

Macro Shot shows the mighty detail the GHQ puts into its miniatures.

The Type 98 was seen in the October 1 1999 National Day Military Parade and it was the modern generation Main battle Tank developed by the Chinese. The Type 98 served as a prototype for the Chinese to modernize their tank force. The current Type 99 or ZTZ-99 are the by-products of the Type 98 design. Initially, the Type 98 had 4 crew which was reduce to 3 due to the addition of an autoloader in the Type 98G. 

The type 98G is also capable of traveling at speeds of up to 50mph and is armed with a 125mm smoothbore gun which is able to fire APFSDS, HEAT and HE-Frag rounds. This tank caught my eye a few years back when I was playing Battlefield 2. I love how they introduced the Chinese as a new powerplay nation in Modern Warfare. The Type 98 was the MBT of choice for the Chinese side.

A line of Type 98Gs on standby.

In terms of the paint job of these GHQ Micro Armor Type 98 Tanks, I started with a black primer followed by primary basic color  of a customized mixed of catachan green (citadel paint), reflective green (vallejo) and snot green (citadel). I did the stripes using a customised blend of khaki, snakebite leather and white. I used chainmail silver (citadel) for the tracks and black wash the tank followed by agrax earthshade wash for the tracks to make it look a little weathered. Lastly, I layered the tank with lighter shade of the primary colour to make the whole piece standout.

The Chinese Machine has arrive!

There were a few obstacles I had faced doing these tanks. Firstly, getting the right mix of wash and layering was not an easy task. Furthermore, adding the fine detail like the red star and numbering was no easy task. Please do let me know if there is anything I can work on with these guys.

Recently, I have acquired from GHQ the new ZTZ-99 or Type 99 tank. As such, I will be applying my experience from painting these guys onto painting the Type 99. Similar to the Type 98, the Type 99 is featured in the new Battlefield 4 (Man, time passes so fast, I totally missed out on Battlefield 3. Then again, there is just so much to do.)

Single Player Trailer
China Faction is Back!

It is going to take me quite a while before I can get a good sizeable Chinese, US and Russian Force using GHQ Micro armor to simulate a Battlefield 2, 3, or 4 moment. Till then, I will promise to continue to feature more GHQ stuff.

Need the time to paint!

So stay tune and give me your feedback!