Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Captain (Hot Toys)

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long long while. In fact, this is the first post for the New Year.

Time has taken Josh and I away for quite a bit but I have return and I have much in store for everyone.

For starters, in conjunction with the next big Marvel Hero to hit town in a few days, I shall feature Captain America in his Avengers Outfit! The first Avenger looks pretty awesome in his get up. Along with quite a few awesome accessories, this figure does justice to the Chris Evan's portrayal of the American Hero. Enough said, I shall let the picture do the talking.

 Winter is Coming for the First Avenger

In my opinion, the Hot Toy Quality for the Avengers Version of each Marvel Hero (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow) are the way more realistic looking than the previous version of the Hot Toy Action Figures that were catered to each of the stand-alone Marvel Hero Movie. Then again, they seem to get better as they move along in making new figures.

 The Captain looking majorly badass with a Chitauri Weapon.


The Head sculpt looks pretty fine even with the mask off. While Hot Toys don't always hit the mark for every sculpt, the Captain's head sculpt scores well for the Avengers version of it.

The First Avenger must now standup against the Winter Soldier

 The Patriot, Captain America

The Soldier

All in all, while I never really fancied Captain America, it is a great outfit design and Hot Toys have definitely nailed it. So glad to have acquired him despite missing out on the pre-order.

Speaking of which, Hot Toys has already release a few figures in collaboration with the movie. For starters, there is the Winter Soldier version of Captain America and the new  Black Widow with her new hairstyle. I am not sure if this is verified information, but I heard that Marvel/Kevin Feige intended to ensure that there are costume changes for every Hero in order for Hot Toys to be able to release newer versions of these Marvel Heroes in conjunction with their solo/stand-alone movies (prior to the lead up to the Avengers 2 film). If this was true, I must say, it is a great way to get more new products and increase profit.

 The Winter Soldier Version of Captain America

 Which looks more awesome?

Regardless, how do you find the new costume? Is Captain America's Avenger costume better? or does the saying "New is always better" rings true?

Let me know about it!

Till then, stay tune for more Hot Toys and other posts! And if you want to see more picture of the Avengers version of Captain America, Check out our Facebook page album here.

Lastly, for all you Marvel fans out there, be sure to watch and enjoy Captain America: the Winter Soldier!

Please do not forget to watch till the end credits! (Like every other Marvel Film)


  1. I do like both versions of Captain America. Nice touch to the Winter Soldier outfit though. Gotta add, your pics are really nicely done. I like the various poses.

  2. Avengers' Version of captain America looks more sleek whereas the new version looks more heavy duty. I could say that new is better :P But the quality difference is negligible between old and new.

    Great pics! I do like the side profile very much!

  3. Welcome back Jiaqi! I am presuming that you have quite a big Hot Toy collection? The pics are looking fantastic!

  4. Thanks for the compliment guys. It's great to be back. More importantly, it is great to have you all back and checking the blog out! :)