Saturday, June 26, 2010

Russian Airborne Pop Song.

Stumble upon this while browsing Youtube. Its invigorating and really catchy. Yet there's a very awkward and humorous feel to this video.

From the Russian Spetnaz to its Airborne Paratroopers, they are renowned for their prowess in combat and their toughness. At the same, time they give an aura of intensity and seriousness.

But this video shows a singing drill sergeant of the VDV paratroopers. While the tune of the paratrooper song is catchy, it doesn't give the same sort of "power" that a regimental Russian song would give. Let alone the "Hell March" theme song in Red Alert.

Have your say on it.

P.S: I find it quite funny how they all can somersault in one shot of the video and that their obstacle course has Hollywood type explosions and fire. I don't even get that during my army days


  1. Two thumbs up on the explosions for the obstacle course! Reason being, its hilarious.

    I Must say that the Drill Sergeant does have great pride in his VDV paratroopers.

  2. Its the ACROBATIC Russian Paratrooper!
    Too bad China doesn't have any singing drill sergeants. If not, We would have the best paratroopers in the world =P.

  3. This video has remnants of Russia's Communist Past. Why do I say that? I think it is because its promo video has the same sort of ingredient as that of China's Armed Forces.

    Beats me, But i still do see vague similarities.