Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy German Uber Tank.

So the other day, I was browsing the GHQ forums and i stumbled upon this picture that looked similar to a motivational poster. It showed this crazy looking tank from the German WW2 Army. The P1000 Landkreuzer Ratte. For a second, i was thinking to myself, thats ridiculous.

What type of behemoth tank such as that would be even feasible. But the Germans thought it would. back then, Adolf Hitler approved Krupp's design for such a heavy tank.

And the size is just sick. Boosting over 1000 metric tons and being 5 times bigger than the Tiger Tank. It looks crazy. Unfortunately for us spectators, we won't get to see the life size tank as the project was scrapped.

The actual scale of the P1000 Landkruezer Ratte with a Sherman Tank.

This concept design makes the Mammoth Tank in Command and Conquer pale in Comparison

Soldiers in the same scale as the tank. It really put things into perspective in terms of its gargantun size. The Ratte's primary weapons would have been two 280 mm SK C/34 naval guns mounted in a modified naval heavy cruiser turret as used in the Gneisenau-class warships, fitting two guns. It was to be added with 128 mm anti-tank gun of the type used in the Jagdtiger or Maus, two 15 mm Mauser MG 151/15 autocannons, and eight 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns, probably with at least four of them as a quad mount .

The massive firepwoer would have been its major advantage. However, it sheer size would make it a sitting duck and a clear target for allies to have attack it.

But for those who love big things. This is one for the books.

I won't be surprise it that project was a success. U would have seen this in the Third Reich for future used



  1. LMAO!!!
    Nice one on the last picture.

    HAHA, The Empire Strikes back!.. The GERMAN empire.

  2. Wow, that is indeed a very big scale tank.
    But it is definitely not a feasible weapon.

    It is so huge, it will be the first target of the allies.

    After World War 2, the concept of size does not matter was proven. But i must agree with you on the evidence that this tank puts the mammoth tank to shame in terms of size.

  3. That is is one huge ass &@($(@$@)!! tank.
    HAHA, definitely the sort of vehicle that can crush another tank. Assuming it can run fast, which i doubt.

    HAHA AT-AT looks real funny though.

  4. I went to check out how much it weigh and it has a net weight of over 1000 ton.
    No road is gonna support that much weight.

    While it is "Mobile" its pretty much gonna have troubles crossing rivers and obstacles, unless it could rollover everything. HAHA

  5. What was it's pounds per square inch. If the tank treads were large enough, it would not sink in the mud or on roads. It's all a question of weight distribution.

  6. Great point Anonymous. Nonetheless, while the Ratte gave the image of a Monster, it wasn't too feasible as a weapon. Even if its weight distribution was adequate. It would have been too large for to fit the entire tank on a normal road.