Monday, June 21, 2010

War is Coming.

Posted this on our Facebook. But for those who are active here but do not used facebook, I just gotta get you guys in on the hype.

After 10 years, War has come back to us in Starcraft! Tell me you not excited.. I dare you.


  1. Siege Tank: "Identify target..!!"

    THis is gonna be epic. Hopefully as epic or greater than WOW.

  2. "My LIFE for AIUR" ;)
    Its definitely a long wait..
    and I am excited. Great Trailer by Blizzard.

  3. Time for some major battle time in

    Hope they will have more cinematics like the one shown in this commercial and their teasers that have been featured

  4. They better have those cinematic. It is what drives me to play Starcraft.

    Unfortunately. My laptop sucks. Hopefully I can play it. If not, get a new lappie :P lol