Thursday, June 10, 2010

Imperial Bastion

Hey there

Our esteemed friend, Weiting, may outwardly laugh at our (me and JQ) nerdy affixation on taking pictures of toys, he himself has proved to be a nerd like all of us, and has helped us take pictures for us too...and some of them are a sight to look at.

In the WFB world, it is probably kicking a dead horse to repeat that the Empire is fraught by bloody invasions by the Warriors of Chaos, and how mere Strength 3 men face up to Strength 4 brutes of the wastes. But times of darkness call upon the rise of stoic heroism, as men of valor have boldly opposed the might of Chaos and have had their exploits written into the history books (or warhammer army supplements, the massive rulebook, spin-off novels, and fan-made material for us).

It is with this theme that I present Weiting's shot of an Imperial regiment of spearmen standing up to a horde of Chaos Warriors...all painted by

Speaking of miniatures painted by companies, I happened to bump into Demonic Workshop, an Arizona-based studio that does figures pretty-well...prices are reasonable and expectedly steep if you want great detail. You can take a look at their work here, which looks really good.

Chaos dragon painted by Demonic Workshop (c).


  1. Hey josh, That is a great shot.
    The Painting of the imperial man are rather plain but i can safely say it is a good pic. As I have seen countless of times before.

    Right below the tagboard. However, it gives a great sense of awe because of the way the flag bearer is placed and the Imperial men. its like a portrait of the french revolution or some revolutionary movement.

    Simply great picture taking in this shot.

    As for the Demonic workshop, they pretty good. And yes, their prices are high. But like you said, it is expected.

  2. I title the picture "The Defiant Empire"
    Nice arrangement. And the demonic workshop dragon looks epic.

    Great detailing from the painting service company.
    Obviously, Pro-painted for sure.

  3. Demonic Workshop stuff looks really epic compared to the paintedfigs one.
    But i guess the price is pretty epic too.

    Gets me thinking, How much will you guys pay per figure for something really epic and customized for u?

    I won't go for more than 10 green bags per figure. And it better be freaking good. And its probably gonna make me go from middle income earner to poor real quick, looking at my warhammer things i need to paint.

  4. For me, I will pay no more than 8 bucks. That's my take on it.

    No more than 8 bucks for the infantry models. Calvary and bigger stuff are negotiable.

    But it has to be exhibition quality.

  5. HAHA in my opinion, I really gotta know how great the quality of the painted figures are.

    Furthermore, honestly, I would go no more than 7 bucks USD. for a figure.

    ANd even then to me, it is outrageous. I might as well paint myself. :/ Cos i dun have too much cash around me. But that's just my opinion. :p