Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oscar Oscar.

Kilo on the Horizon
Oscar Cruise Missile Submarine in the Horizon
Joshua and I took forever to try and use the DSLR to get this shot. Eventually, the Normal "Happy Snapper" Sony Digital Camera was a more suitable use to get this shot.

Bird Eye view of the Kilo on the surface water
A very nice shot. But I kinda forgot how we got the reflection. Was that really the sun? or a Flash from the DSLR.. not too sure. But I must say that the whole reflection of the water surface made the water look real and enhance the submarine's look.

Zoom up view of the Kilo on the water
Closeup on the Oscar Submarine

DIving Kilo Submarine
Preparing to dive.. (Shot looks arther unrealistic though.. You will never see a submarine dive like how this shot was taken. It look as though the submarine just fell from the sky.)

The diving of submarines is pretty much a "sinking ship" action and experience then how a human or dolphin would do.

Kilo Submarine to the Right

Like many of Russians Naval Units, the Oscar Guided Cruise/Ballistic Missile Submarine are aging and displaying the condition of its economy for the past 2 decades. Due to poor economic conditions and lack of money for defense, these age old submarines are functioning on low maintenance and are a glimmer of their former glory.

For those who aren't Modern Military enthusiast, This Submarine got famous on the news when the Kursk, an Oscar II class submarine had an incident during some exercise and there were explosion from the incident that lead to the sinknig of the submarine. It was a controversial political issue as British and Norwegian seaman offered to help in rescuing the sailors from the submarine but were refuted by the Russians.

Ultimately, it was a tragedy that resulted in no survivors from the Kursk. This displayed the much needed attention on maintenance and the upkeep needed for Russia's naval force. On top of the fact that this was a sensitive submarine carrying a Nuclear reactor in it.

However, it does not remove the greatness of Russia's naval power. The pride and glory are not as great as they were before, but they still resemble a semblance of power that is still a dominant force in the world today.

The Oscar II Submarine is a huge submarine. It is the third biggest submersible followed by the Ohio class SSBN and the biggest being the Typhoon.

At a whooping length of 155m and a complement of 94-107 men. This behemoth of a submarine carries SS-N-15 Starfish anti-submarine missiles with 15-kT nuclear warheads, SS-N-16 Stallion anti-submarine missiles with 200-kT nuclear warhead and Type 40 anti-submarine torpedo. It is also capable of arming itself with 24 of the SS-N-19 Shipwreck cruise missiles. However, for its size, it can travel at a surprisingly fast speed of 32 knots submerged. Being a Nuclear Submarine, it also has a long endurance of staying submerge for about 120 days which is a pretty mean feat that no diesel submarine can hope to achieve.

All in all, it does boast an adequate power for the "Bear" that is Russia. I'm sure when people see this submarine, it reminds them of the nostalgic memory of the Cold War. And it is a great sight when you see one steaming across the sea.

5 of these remain active in the Russian Navy. As the Bear's economy improves, this guys may soon be retired for a new breed of modern successors.

WOW.. wordy.. okae.. will cut the crap down next time round


  1. I for one particularly like the first picture.
    Well done on the photography.

    The shots are great. Nice built on the Oscar class Submarine too.

    I like the simple but great paint job. However, decals must have been a pain.
    Its quite obvious on the cam that those are decals.

    Still great though. Keep it up!

  2. Submarines of these type brings does in fact bring back nostalgic feelings of Cold War Era.

    And also Tom Clancy's various Cold War Novels.

    The one that I am sure many would know is "The Hunt For Red October" involving a scenario that had the Typhoon (Fiction Version with Caterpillar Drive), Akula and Los Angeles Class Submarine.

    Still one of the best Naval Films of all time. ;)

  3. Agree with you on the film but
    "Crimson Tide" was also one great thriller.

    And by the way, jiaqi, Submarine flotillas were iconic in the Cold War, but their purpose has not been diminish today.

    They still proof that they are needed in the battlefield and with the right crew, they can be a big threat too even surface vessels.

    The Cheonan Sinking not too long ago is proof of that.

  4. I never go on comment before but I would like to say that the submarine is still a very potent formidable unit that stand in a great advantage position compared to a ship.

    And while Anti Submarine Warfare tactics have evolved and become more efficient, the submarine is still the stalker of its prey.

  5. It may be true in terms of a general perspective.

    But don't forget, ASW warships have the advantage of having helicopters being able to sweep the area for submarines and hunt them though exceptionally faster.

    SH-60s, Ka-27 Helix and Other alike will put a whole new meaning to Death from Above for this submarines.

  6. Okae. Agreed, Crimson Tide was pretty darn good too. Haha.

    And Red, ASW warships have that advantage but as I can recall, I haven't seen an actual modern day scenario that has provided the Surface vessels a kill against the Submarine.

    That is also the case why at least one Los Angeles Submarine always escorts the Carrier Battle Group of the US to provide a deterrent against submarines. A hunter-killer sub is still the best way of combating the submarine threat.

  7. Maybe not now. But then again, we haven't encountered an all out war where elements of submarine fought against ASW in an actual conflict despite the unexpected attack on the Korean Sub.

    U boats efficiency were lost after improved ASW tactics were adopted in WW2. Don't forget U boats suffered a very high proportion of casualties.

    But okae, War has changed now, so you should be right Killers. But ASW is still improving

  8. Hi all, I like the really deep conversation here.
    Firstly I must say i agree with all points and they are all interlink.

    The submarine has become a dominant sea unit that plays a very important role in naval warfare. And lots of things have improved.

    But while the submarine has all the advantageous stated, its weakness would be what ASW surface vessels and other units will use to counter against them.

    Firstly, Diesel subs are real quiet but they lack the endurance. Most Blue water carrier based navies travel real fast too so it would be hard for the diesel submarine to keep up and keep track to attack them in deep waters. With their lower endurance it would be easy to fish them out.

    Secondly, Nuclear Submarine answers the diesel weaknesses by having faster speed and great endurance underwater. However, it is not as silent and can be detect more easily. Submarines guarding a bluewater fleet will add on to the threat against a submarine eyeing naval assets inside the fleet.

    While coastal waters play to the advantage of the diesel submarine. In actual war conflict. Different tactics will be adopted so that Naval surface vessels would not compromise themselves.

  9. Agreed...

    In all aspects. Technicality calls for it. HAHA.
    But there are still many variability to consider nonetheless, Great brainstorming session.