Tuesday, June 29, 2010

David Levinthal

Hey Guys

Sometimes when JQ and I do the miniature photoshoots...I wonder if there are professional photographers who have explored such subjects, and ho and behold, I found out about one!

His name is David Levinthal, a photographer renowned for his work with polaroid cameras, and for using toy figurines to make realistic photos...which makes the viewer realize the grey line between fantasy and reality (or something to that effect). I checked out his stuff, and I have to stay it's amazing. Makes me want to get out there to shoot more photos!!!

If you have time, check out his WWII and Iraq War photos, they look great...and his famous works are the "The Wild West" and "American Beauties". In addition, his ice-hockey shots look really awesome too, great composition and sense of urgency/action in his pictures.

His website is found here, and here are some samples of his work, all copyright of David Levinthal.

Enjoy (and happy modelling)!

One shot of his "Hitler Moves East" collection.

Ominous Nazi banners fly high in "Mein Kampf"

U.S. soldiers operating under constant threat in "I.E.D"

A Blackhawk-Down-esque shot, also from "I.E.D".


  1. Great Models, Great Photographic skills and Great setup.

    Need nothing more to be said to admire the great pictures shown here.

  2. It would be really great if this David guy could take epic photoes of Warhammer.

    Nonetheless, I must agree with you, POI; his pictures are really taken with professionalism and the models are well painted too. Great Diorama is also present to complete the works

  3. Great Shots. Particularly like his Nazi Pictures and WW2 stuff. Well done and creatively taken.

  4. Browsing his sight, the guy has an eye for photography.
    I am pretty sure that is his mainstay pasttime.

    However, all in all, its a great finding. Love the Soldier operating under threat in the "I.E.D" album of his.

  5. This is some epic photography taken.