Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey Everyone

Hope you all had a good week as we look into beginning yet another one. This time, we're featuring a few shots of the Soviet Anti-tank Armored Car: the BRDM-3 (officially, they are still known as BRDM-2, as the BRDM-3 is a different version that carries 4 ATGMs). If you think German names are long...Russian names are even longer. BRDM = Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, or "Combat Recon/Patrol Vehicle". Official Russian Designation: 9P148.

Armed with 5 x AT5 Spandrel ATGMs, the 9P148 is able to carry about 20 ATGM which are guided using sights located in the front of the vehicle. Also, there's a hatch behind the launch tubes for the loader to load the missiles after the previous salvo has been used. Reload time for each launcher is estimated to be about 25 seconds.

2 9P148s together in a grassfield...long live micromachines!

Another shot, time time with the armored cars looking into the horizon.

The 9P148s, with a Ka-50 Hokum overhead...

If we thought that the launch tubes were just stuck up there (like I always did), think again...the 9P148 has the ability to bring up/down its launch tubes through an actuated system, which looks pretty cool to me. The launch tubes also track along with the sight in front...but do mind the excessive wind noise in the video.


  1. Cool pictures taken, Josh.
    I knew that it had an actuated system and the Russians are not a rag tag army.

    They have their own technological capabilities and I am sure that if they had a efficient economy that was progressing just as well as the US, there would definitely be more than one great super power in the world

  2. I remember the old days when i was playing M1 Tank Platoon 2 and M1A2 tank simulations.

    The BRDMs were really so easy to kill. While the BRDMs ATGMs did cause much problems. My 50 cal. could take them out so easily. :p

    HAHA but well, they looked cool in design as a vehicle and reminds me of a duck.

  3. Those "ducks" You are refering to Jiaqi, still had potential to disable the M1A2 MBTs.

    And that is all that is needed.
    Beside cost ratio wise, it is an efficient platform against tanks that are way more expensive.

    But yes, it is true that they do not provide ample armor against the MBT's superior weaponary.

  4. Based on the general performance statistics of M1A2, it would be highly unlikely though, for the BRDMs to cause fatal casualties.

    I would rather be in the M1A2 than the BRDM.

    Furthermore, I can easily take out a platoon of BRDMs with one tank. I might suffer substantial damage, but the amount of damage dealt would have been alot.

    In terms of cost ratio, I think the M1A2 platform is still an efficient heavy armor. Throwing light vehicles at the MBT would be a large risk.