Monday, March 8, 2010


With the new Iron Man movie coming soon, How many of you guys are anticipating for it to be UBER awesome?


Here is the pic that was also in the cover of our blog. Mr. Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man. I used to be really into collecting Marvel Action figures. I was formerly a vivid Marvel fan. Having being inspired by Spiderman and Iron Man for their persona, I always took a liking for the big expanse of the action hero world that is Marvel.

However as Military Modelling and Warhammer took over and as my childhood years seem to fade away, bit by bit, my figures disappeared. Use to have an array of X-men, Spiderman, Iron Man, War Machine, Magneto and many more.

But somehow or another, as u grow up, ur childhood toys tend to either disappear or get destroyed by your own amusement. In my case, they seem to disappeared. Sold quite a few off in garage sells and others just simply got lost.

As a vivid collector of some stuff, you will always have to contend with the phrase: "You never really have enough space for everything." Unless you are one rich ass dude with a huge loft.

However, thanks to the inspiration and power of movies, they have rekindled my interest in them and I have acquired this Iron Man figure to remind me of the great days of the past.

The First Iron Man movie provided yet another awesome quench of thirst for one of my favourite Marvel Heroes.

And who better to play the role of Tony Stark than Robert Downey Jr. (Damn, I love the dude and his acting prowess)

While I must admit that Iron Man and Spiderman movies are not Oscar Winning Quality type of films, they are a big franchise from the giant that is Marvel.

Ever since the 80s onwards, Marvel has overshadowed the other giant of comic (DC Comic) and have continue to remain trendy and upbeat in associating with the youth generation and capturing our imaginations till now.

How many of you guys think that Iron Man 2 will be a hit?
How Many think that Marvel will remain dominant in the comic industry?
Share your thoughts :)

The New Iron Man 2 Trailer


  1. Looking from the trailer, I can safely deduce that it will be a big hit with all its weapons and showy CGI effects.

    For an action pack film, I think Iron Man 2 will have what it takes to be a great show. But i guess most Marvel Films are normally filled with action and less depth of the story.

    No offense but the Iron Man and Spiderman franchise weren't something that you can compare with say Hurt Locker or the Grittiness of Life.

    However, I am sure that we all can relate to Spiderman in terms of the life of a college student that isn't really the Jock of the Society and his mundane but hard struggles with relationship and life itself.

    As for remaining dominant as a Comic Publisher, I will say YES. With the buyover of Disney though, I am not sure what will be their new frontier and vision.

    However, No offense, But I am a DC Comic Lover and I think they are still number 1. :p

  2. I must agree with RedChina, Marvel just doesn't have the depth in their entire comic universe to deal into grittiness that DC has remaked themselve to be.

    With some exception like Superman, Characters like the Dark Knight and Watchmen as Jiaqi mentioned are of unique characteristics.

    Especially when Batman was remake to take on a grittier role with Frank miller's 1986 vision as the Dark Knight. This has spawn so many new concepts of the word superhero and heroism.

    Through Hit Movies, (while far less than Marvel), DC has touched ont he concept of what does it take to be a superhero and what really defines true heroism.

    The Dark Knight movie has shown all that. Watchmen has shown a more cynical part.

    However, Marvel has only work on one line of superheroes. Pretty much everyone is clean slate or "happy go lucky" (with reference to Iron Man and Spiderman)

    X-men did touch on certain lines of segregation of races and racism on a "Mutant" level which was pretty neat and delve much into Politics.

    But grit is what Marvel lacks. I mean Marvel does have the Punisher, but that is like Jean Claude Van Damme wearing bad ass clothes killing the same old bad ass guys. (No offense to Marvel Fans)

    And with Disney taking over Marvel Co., I have no idea what is gonna happen to their legacy. :p

  3. All are outstanding good points for the drawing factor for DC Comics.

    However as a Marvel fan, it is time to put some concrete debate for Marvel Superheroes.

    Remember, it was not until recently, (1986) that Batman was re-engineered to be grittier and this has a great association with readers and the general public as people can associate with it better in a global environment that enables the public to see the world as a darker place than before.

    You got to understand, while DC was lucrative for Batman, it was only him and probably Superman that could really touch or get in touch with the public.

    However, Marvel had a lot more heroes that associated the whole "Struggle" concept of a hero and life that have gotten famous.

    You had Spiderman, Daredevil, Xmen and the Incredible Hulk. All of which became movie adaptation.

    Furthermore, Marvel had a great foothold on 80-90s Cartoon. And I must say, they captured my attention and my heart as compared to say the Batman series.

    While Philosophy of Batman in the Dark Knight movie is really profound. We see how batman dehumanizes himself to be a symbol in the first movie, Batman Begins. However, Marvel always gets in touch with the imperfection of being human. It also touches on the reality that being powerful or having special ability is something that must be used with care or have responsibility in it.

    I guess there is a sense of quirkiness and Humor that gives an added touch to Marvel Heroes.

    There is a diversified persona than that of Superman or Batman. There is Humor, Intensity and Humanity in them.

    I see all those in Spider-man, Iron Man.. etc etc.

  4. What you see is what you can associate with.
    I guess when you live in a world that does not seem as safe as before.
    A more grittier realistic and practical hero that has unique qualities will always standout.

    DC has all those attributes through the Dark Knight.

    Watchmen has a real interesting concept of a life after heroes and How the world would be like?

    In Marvel, we hardly see a world drunk in chaos and madness. I guess both have their polar effects but it seems like the darker one captures audience today

  5. The Marvel world environment is more associated to current modern day environment.

    However, in the DC World, especially, Gotham City or the world of Watchmen, it is more of an Apocalyptic environment.

    If you notice, it is only in the times of dire need, that a Hero is truly needed. It is only during such times, that a hero has a more deeper impact.

    As such, in general, when you delve into the world of hopelessness similar to that of the DC world, the heroes have a much greater impact.

    This does not diminish the significance of Marvel Heroes as they deal with a difference type of world and problems in it.

    I am a Marvel fan, and I say, the major heroes in there, hold as much significance as those in DC.

    All this while, We are comparing Marvel and DC based on the films that are shown. But we must ask ourselves, are any one of them lesser than the other?

    If we put Iron Man and Spiderman in a world that is like Gotham City, How would they react to it?

    While Frank Miller has revolutionised Batman into the Dark Knight, the recent movie adaptation of Batman is something fresh and doesnt go along the same similar lines as Frank miller's Dark Knight which if u research, was talking about Batman in his middle ages wrestling with life after his hero years.

    For me personally, I prefer Marvel as it is mroe in touch with what our world is today than a post apocalyptic era world that is the DC world.

  6. Wow, Lots and Lots of comments.
    With varying view, but it is good to see such active involvement in this debate

    Marvel Fan here as you guys can see from the post.

    All in all, my own personal opinion would be that Marvel will remain dominant, but it is no way to deny the leading presence of DC. They have revolutionize themselves and have captured a larger audience.

    And that is also largely credited to their hit movies too.

    Other than that, I am rather weird out about Disney acquiring Marvel, However I don't think there is anything to worry about if Disney let Marvel do their own thing.

  7. I can't help but agree :S. haha