Monday, March 22, 2010

Lego: Bourne Ultimatum Fight Scene

Hey Guys

Man, I love the Bourne series of movies...action packed with a great storyline, and would I compare it to James Bond? They're both about spies, but Bourne strikes me as a grittier and perhaps more realistic take on the dirty world of spies, as intrigue and betrayal often go hand-in-hand as governments seek to gain an upperhand through espionage. James Bond for me borders too much on the fantasy/glamorous side of things...the Daniel Craig ones do provide interesting viewing though.

If you have watched Ultimatum, remember that epic fight scene that ended in the toilet? Someone apparently used lego figures + stop motion animation to recreate the whole thing, and it's hilarious.

This guy's animation is really respectable, and I think he's made other videos too...and actually his remake of the Ninja Assassin trailer is more interesting than the actual one itself. It reminds me of those nerdy times in the past when I played with lego (and toys in general) and had to imagine the action in my head...heh. It's interesting to note that kids throughout history had different forms of play and makes me think: why do kids always want to have fun? Is fun a method of learning? (on the other side, it also makes me think of kids growing up in wars and difficult times, and didn't have the fortune to play much of their lives).

Good to be a kid, best to stay as one?


  1. Great blog and funny posts.

    I Like this lego youtube vid. The whole toy construction concept seems to be pretty neat and awesome.

    Great stuff guys. But it can be improve with more of your own personal made stuff? cheerss.

  2. FIGHT scene was pretty nice. However, I do take a more particular liking to the original fight scenes. It was unique to Bourne. So gritty and cool.