Friday, March 12, 2010

Medal of Honor: Q3 2010

Hey Guys

I guess most of you must have heard about a new Medal of Honor installment that's ready to pop out real soon...and so far, it looks really really promising to me, I am kinda looking forward to it. It's about time CoD gets some competition, as it will give us gaming and modern military fans more to savor on :)

Here's the trailer to the game:

Supposedly, MoH aims to balance realism and playability, and they seem to work pretty hard on the realism part...such as having character models hold their guns that matches their unit (different branches hold guns differently), and having SEAL members talk about their missions for the game. We would play as a Tier 1 operative in Afghanistan, which would mean pretty awesome action to boot.

Gamespot recently did a "first impressions" on the game, and you can check it out here.

Also, Infinity Ward is going through a pretty rough patch now...the president/game director and CEO (Jason West and Vince Zampella respectively) of IW (who moved over from MoH to make CoD) got fired by Activision just before they were to receive their royalties from CoD:MW2, and now they are embroiled in a legal dispute with Activision. In general, this may spell bad news for fans expecting a great CoD:MW 3 sequel, since the 2 guys did setup the company and probably contributed quite a lot to the running of IW...IW would never be the same without them on board. If you're interested, the article can be found here.

Speaking of shooters, has anyone played Bad Company 2 yet?


  1. Wow, For sheez, the trailer looks real good. It looks like it has very good prospects of being a hit game.

    And I have read the article. Honestly, I can't help but say that that might probably mark the end of the Spectacular that is CoD.

    How can You fire the developers and exclude them from their royalties. It is just extravagantly outrageous and humiliating.

    Activision may get real bad publicity from this. Especially from Hardcore gamers. If not, they might be shooting themselves in the foot.

    I agree with you on this, Joshua

  2. We would hardly know what was the internal politics and happening that resulted in such a commotion.

    Whatever the case maybe, Company Confidence will go down, Shares may dip but most of all, Acivision got to have something goddamn brilliant up their sleeves to do one better than the two most brilliant talents they just fired.

    My guess is role a 6 on the D6 dice of that happening :S

  3. I really like the last comment LOL.

    "Sometimes you've got to roll a hard six." - William Adama.

  4. MoH looks good. Finally, people are actually following suit and going for modern warfare. About damn time.
    MW is gonna suck ass but then again maybe there might be some new creative avenue.

    Anyway, chanced upon this blog and its pretty cool.

    Great Job to you guys.

    Good one!