Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make Aim and Fire!

Elven Archer and the Swordmasters

Here we have an Elf noble taking a shot at something in the distance. With the Swordmasters of Hoeth in the background, it looks like this Elf Noble must be of some great importance to have escorts that are Swordmasters.

AS we all know, Elves have always been well known to be adept and exceptionally skilled in Archery. In fact, their keen sense of the bow and arrow are far more superior than Robin Hood.

Which brings me to this.

Have you guys seen the Trailer of the New Robin Hood that is Russell Crowe.

It resembles Gladiator 2 more than Robin Hood. :S hmmm

I mean, its the same actor, same director. Who are we trying to kid?

What do you guys think?


  1. Disagree. Its too much for Gladiator in it.

    But I wonder, Where is the iconic bow and arrow that is Robin Hood.

    But maybe I am cheesy for epic medieval movies because i think it looks promising and cool.

    Am i not right? HEH

  2. Ok. Didn't really quite get you there Desolater.

    But I must say, the whole "Gladiator" feel to the movie is strong.

    Witht he whole Russell Crowe feel to it. And honestly, other than Gladiator, I haven't really seen him in any medieval or ancient warfare shows.

    Haha. but I do agree, he doesn't seem like the "Robin Hood with the Bow and Arrow" type of hero we make him out to be.