Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Iron Man

Hey Guys

In lieu of JQ's Iron Man post, I just ran into a nifty little expensive replica Arc Reactor being sold on right prove that the man, Tony Stark, has a heart:

Man, it looks pretty awesome, and it comes at a pretty dear price too (150 USD). It would make a cool paperweight and maybe make myself feel like Tony Stark once in awhile :P

Personally, I love as they sell various 'geeky' merchandize such as 8-bit ties (that look like they came from super mario or something), lightsaber laser pointers, r/c mini cars, wi-fi detecting shirts...and even a tauntaun sleeping bag (bringing back memories from Empire Strikes Back). I find the prices pretty competitive and the 'geekpoints' system (a loyalty program) that gives pretty neat free gifts.

Man, it's good to be a geek, and hope Iron Man II lives up to the hype :)

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