Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its the High Elf Hero Again

Hi people, sorry for a slight delay.

Things have been really tied up for me and so I was pretty preoccupied.
Based on last polls, we have finally deduced that DC is a more dominant publisher than their Marvel counterparts in capturing their audiences.

As such, We shall be featuring some DC stuff for sure. (Batman figures, Josh? :p)

That aside, its back to Warhammer pics,
So for today we shall feature more on the High Elf Hero that our fellow friend, Wei Ting has put so much effort into making and other High Elf figures.

Elf Champion and the Swordmaster
This is a picture focused on the Swordmaster of Hoeth that Wei Ting has painted. It is taken from the Lord of the Rings Collection to proxy as a High Elf Swordmaster. AS you can see from the background, his High elf Hero stands firm.

As said before, Wei Ting takes a real long time to paint, but while he is not a fanatic painter, he gets the job done nicely. The Elf Swordmaster looks like he means Business!

The Elf Champion Spearmen
Here again, we have his elf hero. With a good balance of lighting and the background set pieces, I must say this picture makes him look prim and magnificent. But i guess it must also be the "Royalty" Colour theme that Wei Ting has used. So much for being an Arrow Merchant, or so he claims his High Elf army theme is.

Other than that, How many times do you see High Elf in touch with nature? I barely see any High Elves close to forest area in Warhammer magazines as compared to their Wood Elf cousins.
Perhaps We can deduce their High Elf brethren in modern day terms as cosmopolitan urban dwellers and Wood Elves as flower people from outside the city.

What do you see that differentiates All types of Elves from each other in the Warhammer world and how can you relate it to modern day context?

On a side note of painting , I am starting on the trebuchet and painting the figures first before i tackle the actual structure of the trebuchet.



  1. High Elves are the cosmopolitan Parisians, while Wood Elves are the 1970s tree huggers. Dark elves are your BDSM pornstars.

    Thats all i can come up with :p :S

  2. I would consider the Elves in general to be pretty much like Oriental Japanese Asian.

    Then again, we must understand that the origin of the Race of Elves by J.R.R Tolkien was largely influence by Celtic Traditions and also had traces of from the Orient that defined the Elves that have inspired many other spin-offs.

  3. Nailed the spot on the historical aspect of the Elves.

    Undoubtedly, there is trace of asian and celtic origins that made the elves what they are.

    However, if I am correct, Elves from Warhammer and Tolkien are a bit more different from those of DnD and Dragonlance.

    Elves are apparently smaller than their human counterpart. Am i right?

    As for modern day context, hmmm Elves would be Swedish people with japanese culture.

    But then again, I am just shooting blindly. :P LoL