Saturday, May 29, 2010

Russia Victory Parade 2010

Part 1

Part 2

2 weeks ago, Russia celebrated its victory parade to mark the day in which the Allies defeated the Nazis and Facist rule in Germany. It marked the end of the greatest war in human history that is World War 2.

What is significant about the victory parade is that it commemorates the millions of Russian that had fallen, both under duress and for the defense of their nation against a foreign tyranny.

While there are many controversies and acts of atrocity on the Russian side against Poland in WW2 and certain dark past in Russia, this parade has shown how far Europe and Russia has become. I know this has nothing to do with Toys but it is sort of related to Military Hardware that the Russians were displaying for military enthusiast.

More significantly, there were foreign troops marching in the victory parade that were allies during the times of WW2. This included US troops as you will see from the above parade.

What made it all the more significant is the Angela Merkel the German Chancellor attended the parade as an acknowledgment of the Victory parade and it is a political play to show that Germany recognizes their dark past and has changed much to become a model for Europe again.

All in all, the victory parade shows a Russian Bear rising.. from the aftermath of an ill economy. It also asserts that Russia is still a dominant force in the world.

There were many interesting features in the parade though. One of which is the "Tiger" Vehicle that is the Russian version of the hummer. Sometimes, it nice to see a display of hardware and the military showcase of regimentation in such parades.



  1. Saw this quite a while back.
    I for one, particularly loved the aircraft display.

    It is really the first of its kind that I have ever seen.

    Really awesome stuff.

  2. YEah, I was pretty amazed by the air precision and the huge number of fighter jets and bombers passing over the parade.

    It was really awesome. It is the first I have seen too. Even autocratic and countries renowned for military display put up something as great as this fly-pass. But I stand corrected

  3. The Ground display can't really beat the massive scale of China or North Korea.

    But the Air display is great. I must agree with you both. Its a pretty delightful sight to see a storm of Jets surging past the parade.