Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CoD: Black Ops

Hey Everyone

Just some video games news for today...dealing with Treyarch's recent teaser trailer release, which provided pretty interesting clues about the new game for the CoD franchise. Treyarch has released CoD titles to mixed feedback, and with IW more or less decimated (with the advent of Respawn Entertainment), would Activision depend on Treyarch to develop flagship CoD titles? Or could that go to Bungie, who recently signed on for Activision?

Anyway, here's the teaser trailer and it looks pretty interesting: not many shooters have been set in the Cold War era, with Battlefield: Vietnam and Shellshock being a couple that comes to my mind. The trailer's full of images and it is a bit hard to keep up with it at first.

Also, gamespot did a pretty extensive review of images to reveal tidbits on the settings involved in the game. It beats me how long they have spent scanning every single frame to spot the stuff they saw.

Apparently, the game is set in the Cold War as IW is currently suing Activision on CoD material after the Vietnam War. The news can be found here.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?


  1. Treyarch.. UGH
    The trailer may look good. But Activision has pretty much got themselves into so many problems and have screw their biggest money making franchise that comes out from Infinity Ward.

    I mean i have always heard of Treyarch and how they always seem to ruin the Call of Duty franchise.

    I didn't listen the first time and bought World at War... MAJOR MISTAKE.

    I'm not gonna make that same mistake until i hear insanely great reviews. So as for now, I'm just gonna get a new laptop and get my hands on MW2 first.

  2. Won't disagree with you on it. Treyarch was a whole load of baloney and crap since the start. Sorry mate, but i wasn't even foolish enough to buy WaW when it came out even if it was the same game engine.

    I had full confidence Treyarch would F**K it up.
    Go!! TREYARCH.. to hell

  3. You know,
    It got me wondering.
    There are so many people in disagreement with Treyarch and the debauchery they have made that is part of the COD franchise.

    I wonder why they aren't Dead yet.

    But then again, Crap Dung games are all over the place. So Treyarch has a reason to add onto the numbers

  4. I'm gonna wait till it finally releases before I would consider giving Treyarch a chance.

    They might give something unexpected. You'll neva knoe.

    However, if they so much as breathe the same failure as before. I'm gonna scatter like an ant away from their crap.

    Besides, there's medal of honour.