Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rukia from Bleach

Hi there again. Its going to be hectic crazy times for me as my school work has begun to pile up and I am on the brink of dying from the overloading of units this semester.

Won't elaborate my problems but posts will be a little slower than usual. So Bear with us!

Shinigami Samurai Rukia on the prowl.

Exerting her reiatsu (spirit power) as she prepares to fight a Hollow (Monster creature in Bleach)

Okae, so since I showed in my last post about Anime being in the most uncorrelated stuff. I thought its time to show some Anime Action Figures.

So yes, aside from the Action Figures, Model Kits and Warhammer stuff. I do share a certain affection for various Anime shows.

The most "cheesiest" and "lamest" of them all would be Bleach. While it is a Mainstream anime, it is deemed as rathe rold in Japan already. However, it has gain a popular following in Asia and I'm pretty sure that it also has a substantial following in the West.

I don't particularly like their style of featuring this Anime because its Laden with ridiculous and meaningless fillers to the main plot and the Main lead Character is a douchebag with no skill that easily beats off hard obstacles or opponents that would have otherwise have been hard for even the most prowess of fighters.

It gonna take me forever to tell you the entire main plot of this show. But the gist of the show is a eternal struggle between these Shinigami who are Death god or Angels that regulate and aid in the transition of wandering souls from earth into the afterlife. These Shinigamis are depicted as Samurais with exceptional skill and power.

Things get interesting when monster called Hollows that are the by product of souls that are broken from their chain of fate is let loose to consume other souls. this is where the Shinigamis come in to kill them off.

The story gets really interesting after the betrayal of a few captains in the Shinigami ranks that cause a big rift and a more intricate plot into the war that has emerged from this plot. The best part of this anime would be the fight scenes and the interesting swordplay that infuses arcane powers into it.

I am a sucker for Samurai Anime films so Bleach is a great rehash of that type of Anime from a long hiatus of such action pack Sword fighting anime series. Very often, You will get to see many action pack fight scenes, but don;t expect complicated plots to this Show. You will be sourly disappointed.

Rukia is one of the main characters in it of which she plays a big role in the story. However, she is a pretty low rank Shinigami in the hierarchy of things.

What I Like about this figure is that it takes all the pretty and great looking aspects of her in the anime and adapt it to the sculpt.

It is a well-sculpted figure and does break stereotype anime girls that have big boobies and look generically pretty or "Kawaii" (cute) in a stereotypical way. (You know what i Mean if you have watch and analyze many anime films)

I'm noy quite sure if the product line is still available but this sculpt was the original Japanese version of the action figure. There are many pirated or low quality "Made in China" grade action figures from this line so be sure to pick it out carefully if u do manage to get one.

All in all, really like the figure and many of the Bleach Characters in it. While Plot may be a little hard to swallow, there are many characters that have appealed to me in the Series. I will be sure to show other characters of Bleach real soon ;)


  1. This figure is from Bandai yes?
    Very nice anime figure. I like the way they sculpted Rukia. Sometimes I think it is better than how they draw her in the Anime.

    Great Background composition.

  2. Really great figure with some awesome sculpting by bandai. All in all ur photo shot really enhances the figure.
    Wanted to give a long comment cause I think what you guys are doing is great and the photographic skills are not bad. Keep it up!!!
    Will be back!

  3. One word: BANKAI!!!!!
    But yeah, I must agree with you. It gets to lame at certain points of the story.

    But I think its reverting to the current story arc that is pretty intense and great. Plot is still shaky.

    But nice summary and description on Bleach. And that is a great figure.

    How did you acquire it from Bandai, its seems you are right on it being sold out in many places. =s

  4. She looks like a very sad character with that whole droopy eyes and dreary expression.
    But great picture nonetheless. Although I wonder, how did u get that awesome background ont he second picture?