Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lizard Dude

Roar from the Saurus
Lizardman walking the green plains

Upfront with the Lizardman
Angry Face from one angle..

Upclose with a Saurus
Happy Face from another...

I am always digging the whole centre focus feature of cameras, especially the DSLR.
Interestingly enough, While we will be continuing to feature more of these Lizardmen, haven't really contested with them before in a tabletop Warhammer game.

On first glance though, I know their magic is gonna be a real pain in the ass from experiences with High Elves.

But i think i should be delving and getting more involve in tabletop gaming soon. Hopefully not gonna get my ass whoop out there though... out from my comfort zone of the usual few friends I play with.

On another side note though, Progress has been going real well with the painting of my GHQ Micronaut ships. I'm just about done with the escort units and I will be taking on the Aircraft Carrier Real soon. It would be the First ever Aircraft Carrier I have assembled and Painted. (If i exclude that real dazzly crazy aircraft carrier i painted for my gal)

Will show you guys that sometime soon too.

Till the next entry.. Cheerios!


  1. Well, yeah their magic is something you gotta be watching out for if yer are gonna be fielding your bretonnians.

    Beware of the stegadon too. Freaking monsters and heir skink archers can be more than just a nuisance.

    However, while they have natural armor. Your Calvary units should not have problems unless they fail their charge.

    I'm pretty vague here but there are lots of battle tacticas out there that provide better advice, I am sure.

  2. Simple, a slann lord with a blade of cocacila, black amulet, healing potion, crown of command, Skull wand of kaloth
    and a banner of wrath in a large unit of temple guard marching under the dread banner. A slann lord which cannot be killed!!! (The only person who might kill him is a
    vampire lord with a sword of destruction riding a zombie dragon). Altough I also give him a small chance of succes. The blade of cocacila is always handy against, mad cap mushrooms, heart of woe,
    black gem of gnar and skull wands
    Black amulet for a second unmodified 4+ special save after the mighty shield of the old ones.
    If somebody manages to wound him use your healing potions (just cheat by drinking it while in H-T-H combat)
    A unmodified leadership of 10, he simply can't run away because he also is the army battle standard bearer
    The skull wand of kalloth causes an enemy to take +/- 4 LD tests per combat, 1 failed... instant death

    This is taken from Soulman13579 from

    Bretonnian Chance of survival against this character alone is dreadfully small.

    To put it simply, other than the skinks. Every unit is a goddamn monster. :/

    This dude has play lizard men 40 time sin his career. only 7 losts. :S Don't mean to scare you but I battle a lizardmen player and the tactics were pretty much along the same lines in terms of character building and army strategy.

    Tough shot.. and I lost with my Chaos Demon Army.

  3. Wow Vickers,

    Those stats are ridiculous. But a lone character can't be totally undefeated. In any case, there is a requirement of the hero to be surrounded by a large unit of temple guards.

    Possibility of winning it is getting a stubborn unit or unbreakable unit with a great force of attrititon (Lord choice) Challenge the regiment in which the slann lord will refuse and be disabled from fighting. Win the combat resolution and overrun.

    Haven't fought the Lizardmen before, are temple guards unbreakable?

  4. Ow. :/ That is one cheesy uber crazy character.

    Hmm, might go down to my tabletop community and take on a lizardmen army if there is any i know of so that i can to give you any inside on lizardmen flaws.

    Its been a long while since i lasted played though. Will let you guys know if i have the time.

  5. WOW, I didn't know that. Man, the lizardmen army are pretty sick.

    I'm sure there's gotta be a way to break their army.

    But i guess Yur's suggestion of winning by combat resolution maybe a good idea. However, can't dedicate too many units in engaging just one unit and leave myself expose to their other attack units.(No to forget their fielding of a stegadon and their Kroxigors.

    I haven't not faced Lizardmen but i wanna try it out.

    One things for sure, they definitely aren't a pushover :S.