Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anime + F22 Raptor = I don't get the link

Clearly there is a market for such a product. However, the last thing i want to have on my display rack for a model is a F22 raptor that looks pink and has some unidentifiable Anime maid doll up girl as its camouflage.

Not sure why they call it the Idol Master but they have other variants of such a model kit. I think they have the Su-27 Flanker in Blue Colour coat and another Anime girl in it.

But I guess Model Kit manufacturers have to diversify their products and since Anime is a big market both domestically in Japan and globally.. Why not? :S


  1. Shows just how powerful an influence Anime has on the world of toys, shows, erotic films and normal movies.

    Anime, Manga and all the pic that is shown here is just evidence of how this whole phenomenon like Star Wars and LOTR have become part of pop culture.

    Haha not much of a military fan so I don't see how it isn't possible to sell this.

    I mean Gundam can get outrageous and it can still be sold. In fact, Paint any outrageous color on anything and it can look like a form of art.

    eg. Pink tank?

    Food for thought

  2. Well all I know is that Idolm@aster is some Japanese audition video game, and it's supposed to be rather popular in Japan.

    I actually googled it and saw someone make a F-14 of the same looked pretty good, even with the girly stuff on it (which are like 4 layers of decals, which is = hell).

    Something similar occurs with Ecko clothes, I've seen shirts with pimed out B-17s and Panther tanks...just something about doing such stuff on military vehicles seems to be a 'cool' idea.

    Of course there were real vehicles which had cartoons on them (eg. Adolf Galland's Me109 with a Mickey Mouse in WWII, B17s with spectacular nose art), and as a kid they looked really cool.

  3. Now that you mention such stuff.

    Remember that even transformers have integrated real military vehicles in their products.

    Not to forget there was a Spider-man Transformer Military Vehicle.I'd kind of forgot where I remember seeing that but it was in some Wal-Mart place.

    Wonder how many kids actually buy those stuff. hmm

  4. Haha it would be a definite shock and awe if as a pilot i were to engage this F22 in the sky.

    I would definitely be like,:"Damn, is that a pink plane? what in the world?! who flies a pink fighter jet with anime girl on the plane"