Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming Pretty Soon

Good day to everyone.

Our frequency of entries have been decreasing due to our busy schedule but we got
lots in store soon.

New collection of photos will be coming out featuring many many new action figures, military stuff and Warhammer stuff and many more. Not too forget other interesting vids and etc regarding varying hobby interests and other type of game reviews.

Furthermore, there will be a new focus on tabletop gaming and modeling tips coming soon. There will be stuff featured on GHQ Wargaming too.

What is it you say? What is GHQ? GHQ is a tabletop wargaming company that specializes making micro miniatures for wargaming based mainly on WW1, WW2 and Modern Day. Have been painting products from them. Currently, I am constructing my Micro Modern US Naval Carrier Battle Group based on their products.

So stay tuned for that too.


  1. Nice Set of ships man.I've heard of GHQ.
    I'm assuming it isn't your standard Model Kit scale though.

    Does definitely look like high quality miniatures for tabletop gaming :)

    Looking forward to see some new stuff. :)

  2. WHile it is only an undercoat, I am amazed at the really great detail for a miniature.
    Is it plastic or pewter? I'm guessing pewter cause the details are just to intricate to be plastic.

    But then again, you never know.
    Nonetheless, A good take and looking forward to see the real finished product. Cheers mate!

  3. Sounds really great seeing that there will be new pictures and stuff.

    What new action figures are yer featuring?

    Care to give a sneak peak? HAHAHA. Let us in on it soon!

  4. Yanli, yes it is non-lead pewter. GHQ is really good with details. Even witht heir ships.

    As for action figures, we are featuring military, anime andmany more. Even star wars. HAHA details would spoil the suspense of whats gonna be featured.

    Other than that.. thats about it. Cheers :)

  5. Since you are a naval enthusiast.Is your naval mini collection just limited to US Naval fleet?

    Or is there more that you have in store...

    Very very interested to know what is your array of collectibles.

    Other than that, will be on the lookout for all the great entries to come. :)

  6. Jiaqi.
    YOU wrote that videos will be coming out too.
    Are you going to make videos of painting or is it the usual youtube videos?

    Just curious. As for his collection, I'm sure he has more than just the US Navy, but that is just my guess.

    But I too am looking forward to great pics..