Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thor (Marvel)

Hi Fellow Readers, It is time for another kickass entry in Toyconstruct.

Today, I shall be featuring Thor from the Marvel Universe. Coincidentally, it is Thursday which got its name from Thor. Thor based on Old Norse is a hammer-wielding god that is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength and the protection of mankind. I would presume that it is because of the last quality of Thor that inspired him to be a Hero archetype for the Marvel Comics.

Norse Mythology Thor was already a badass.

Like Thor in Marvel, the original Thor was already a badass. His exploits include relentless slaughter of his foes and fierce battles with the monstrous serpent Jormmungandr which will result in their foretold mutual deaths during the events of Ragnarok.

Thor looks into the Beyond.

Like the Dwarves from the Fantasy World, Thor was also recorded in the Poetic Edda. On top of that, he was the Son of Odin and Husband to Sif. In the Marvel Universe, Thor debut in the comic "Journey into Mystery #83". In this issue, Odin decided that his son needed to be taught humility and thus, placed him into the body of a partially disabled human medical student called Donald Blake. (Consequently in the Thor Movie, he was named that by Dr. Eric Selvig when Thor was apprehended by Shield.) After he becomes a doctor, Blake aka Thor witness the arrival of Hostile Aliens. Blake fled into a cave after the aliens realized his presence and began to pursue him. Upon discovering the disguised hammer, Mjolnir, he transforms into Thor.


It's HAMMER TIMEEEEE!! (I just love saying this phrase)

In typical hero fashion, Thor defeats the aliens and leads a double life with his alter ego, Donald Blake, treating patients in a private practice with a Nurse, Jane Foster who eventually becomes his love interest.

Oh, Did I mention Thor can fly? However, He has to swing his hammer to fly.

Thor like many of the more famous heroes of Marvel has numerous story arcs. And like Joshua's Psylocke, the entire compendium is chronically sorted in Comic Vine. Aside from going to Earth, Thor battled Surtur the fire demon, The Celestials and had many exploits with the Avengers after that.

Thor seems to have a big serious face on all the time.

The Thunder God Ponders

While Thor has been famous due to his association with the Avengers, I got to discover him from Comic Books and only got more familiar with him during my childhood days when I watched Fantastic Four in which he made a cameo appearance.

Marvel never really had a Superman compare. (We could say Sentry is one) However, I have always long associated Thor as the Superman of Marvel. Largely due to the fact that the dude is strong, can fly and do some lightning ass powers. Back in the days when I knew only a handful of Marvel Superheroes, Thor was considered to be one of those really badass powerful ones. Up there with Silver Surfer, Apocalypse and the Hulk.

Focusing on the Action figure itself, this Thor comes from the Hasbro's Marvel Universe Series. At 3 and 3/4 inches, these action figures follow Hasbro's classic small compact figure size. However, I noticed that the quality for each figure is not really standardized and it took me a long while before I was able to get a good quality Wave 7 Series 2 Thor in his Modern Costume. Many times, the Eyes were painted weirdly and the quality of the painting varies quite a lot. I had to go through various shops to finally find this particular one that looked amazing. I noticed that when it comes to human skin colour and painting of normal human eyes, Hasbro does not really do a great job in this particular line. However if they are using non-flesh colours  (eg. Spiderman, Colossus and Silver Surfer), they look terrific and have great definition.

Aside from that, I have mentioned how they have the Hasbro' Galactus that looks real big and badass in accordance to all these action figures.

On another extra side note, I can't help but realize that when I look at the picture above and do a  close up on Thor's face; He reminds me of the Success Kid Meme.

Yes or No?

Fellow Geeks and Nerds, Have your say. And anyone collects any of these figures? Pray tell.

I shall take my leave now. As usual, there will be more epic blogposts on toys, model kits, miniatures and collectibles soon. So let all your fellow geek and nerd friends know about Toyconstruct!



  1. HAhah I see the resemblance! Nice Post!

  2. I do collect these Marvel Universe Action Figures. Got a few of the X-men. I do agree that the quality is not uniformed. Great pictures and Funny association with Success Kid.

  3. Cool Article. You mentioned about Thor being a compare to Superman. I wonder, how mortal is Thor? And if they were to have a fist fight. Who would win?

  4. Well, to the extent of my knowledge, Thor doesn't have any particular material or compund that makes him so weak like how kryptonite is to Superman. Armed with that, he could possibly kill Superman. ANd if not, I guess they are equally matched. That is if Thor has Mjolnir.

  5. This debate has been circulated all over the net. The critical point to the debate revolves around the conditions set for this two warriors to battle. Should Thor have Odinforce, things would lean to him. Should he have Kryptonite, Superman would be in trouble. However, if both are not present, Superman has an edge.

  6. I think there's a higher chance for Thor to win...can't imagine an alien killing a god.