Friday, November 30, 2012

The T-72M1 (GHQ)

Good day to you all! We have finally come around to GHQ Armour! And for my first presentation, I shall be showing you the T-72M1. These minis are painted by Paintedfigs and the quality isn't as detailed as future GHQ armour that I will feature. However, the standard is still wargaming quality.

To give a brief info of the T-72, it is a Soviet-designed Tank that went into production in the 1970. Developed directly under Obyekt-172, the T-72 has a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun. It has an operational range of 460km without fuel drums and travels at a speed of 60km/h. Synonymous to typical Soviet Tanks, the T-72 can fire anti-tank guided missiles as well as the usual HEAT and APFSDS rounds.

T-72M1s in the Desert.

As stated by GHQ, the version you see in these pictures are the T-72M1. The T-72M1 is the modernised export version. It has a different armour protection compared to its T-72A brother. With an additional 16mm of armour on the glacis plate, it has an increase of 32mm horizontally against HEAT and AP rounds.

T-72M1 Tank Platoon on the Move

With a crew of 3 and fitted with an autoloader, this bad boy has been around longer than I have been on Earth. From the earliest 1980 Iran-Iraq war to the 2012 Syrian Civil War, the T-72 has always been a main player in armoured warfare involving Third World Countries and Former Warsaw Pact Nations.

The Desert Sand seems rather huge don't it?

At 41 tonnes, the T-72 is very small and light compared to its Western Counterparts. So much so that it could have beeh driven in formation on some roads and bridges in former Warsaw Pact countries. As such, it had more mobility and maneuverability than its Western counterparts MBTs.

T-72M1s in formation as the Sun begin to set.

I must point out that I made a rather foolish mistake in using normal sand as part of my desert landscape diorama. I guess I should have gotten more powdered sand. As you can see, based on the scale of the GHQ Tanks, the sand grain looks like huge boulders.

In any case, I shall be using this sand for another GHQ post before I find a finer version. It has been hard finding new ideas for diorama. I really wish I could make a town or city for my GHQ wargaming stuff but I already have my hands full in just painting this miniatures.

If you have any recommendation on model sand for me, do let me know about it. In any case, I hope you like this post of GHQ Armour. There will be more coming soon. Especially next year! Josh and I would like to thank you all for your continued support in our humble blog.

I do apologize for my lack of activity for quite a while but the posts will be coming in again! As for now, enjoy this pictures and its album on our Facebook page!

Till next time! Cheerios!


  1. I must agree with you. Sand in your diorama is rather huge. I believe they do sell powdered sand in your typical hobby shop that would look more authentic. Even citadel sells such type of really fine sand.

  2. Small tanks are cute! The T-72 from GHQ are really detailed! Good pictures!

  3. Decent looking Tanks on a Dessert filled with Boulders :p Welcome back Jiaqi with your military post!
    Not bad photo-shots you have taken.

  4. Nice Military stuff Jiaqi! Great to see you are back at it again!.

    Love the T-72s! Quality is not bad! So I am guessing this is from a painting service called Paintedfigs?

  5. The painting of the T-72 is not bad. I feel it is quite alright. I do like the GHQ Miniatures. Really cool looking.