Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kirov Battlecruiser from GHQ

Good Day to all!

Today, I shall be featuring the Kirov class battlecruiser from my GHQ Naval Collection. For all those modern military naval enthusiast, this ship is famous for being the largest and heaviest surface combatant warship currently in active operation in the world.

The Pyotr Veliky and her fellow Russian warships

Currently, there is only one active Kirov class Battlecruiser. She is called the Pyotr Veliky. Operating in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, the Battlecruiser is a behemoth with a huge payload of weaponry.

Close up of the Kirov Cruiser

The nuclear powered battlecruiser can travel at 30 knots with combined propulsion and 20 knots on nuclear power. Its range is unlimited on nuclear and has a complement of 710 sailors. It holds 20 SS-N-19 Shipwrect Anti-ship missiles, 14 SS-N-14 Silex ASW cruise missiles, 96 SA-N-6 Grumble SAM missiles, 48 SA-N-20 Gargoyle long range SAM, 128 SA-N-9 Gauntlet SAM and 44 SA-N-4 Gecko SAM. And I haven't even start on its payload of Guns, rocket launchers and torpedoes.

Sideview of the Russian Kirov Battlecruiser

To add weight to its massive size, the Kirov Battlecruiser can carry 3 helicopters with a below deck hangar and aviation facilities. It is slated that Pyotr Veliky's sister ship the Admiral Nakhimov shall be ready to return to service after 2012.

While many might not see the massiveness of this ship from the pictures you see here, it canb e attirubted to the GHQ scale of 1/2400 for its modern warship range. However, let me assure you that this ship is really something. Come to think of it, Russia is famous for building huge surface and submarine vessels. (Do not take into account Aircraft Carriers)

One day, I shall feature the 1/700 version of this ship and you can truly see how this huge this monster of a ship is. Till then, the Season for Christmas greetings shall be upon us very soon so get your presents and bask in the festivities.

That is assuming DOOMSDAY isn't upon us tomorrow. 

I wager it won't be. However, if it does happen, I guess it is quite apt to have the Kirov Battlecruiser as Toyconstruct's last post. :3 (Don't let the Doomsday Preppers programme get to you!)

Take care everyone!


  1. 1 more day Armageddon and I am pertty sure most people ain't gonna care including me.

    Nevertheless, Good time to appreciate my life! Great post with great GHQ stuff!

  2. Hmm I seem to be still alive. But I can say that if a Kirov Class Battlecruiser were to rain down hell upon a city. It would look like doomsday! Great picture and Article Jiaqi!

  3. On my side of the world, it should be Doomsday in 3 and a half hours time. I agree with Shen on what this Kirov Battlecruiser can do if it wanted to unleash doomsday on a city.

    Nevertheless, Happy so-called Armageddon to all!

  4. I guess we all survived. :p Hurray?

  5. I guess we all did! Why am I not surprised? Looks like this would not be your last post after all! I guess Season Greetings will continue, so keep those posts rolling!

    Great pictures and post!

  6. Great to be back to see great miniatures!! Its been quite awhile! And it is joyous to see everyone has passed Doomsday =p


  7. Nice work on the Russian ships! Good job free handing Kirov's helo deck.

  8. Thanks! The free handing it wasn't easy at all :p

  9. Hey Jiaqi....the 1/2400 Singaporean ships I mentioned before are on at Search for the Victory and Fearless class. He also has the Singaporean landing ship.

    1. I saw it. Amazing stuff. I partciularly like that they have the Zumwalt Class Destroyer. While not as detailed as GHQ, it looks amazing enough.