Friday, December 14, 2012

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

Good Dawn to all Fellow Warriors of Fantasy!

It is time to feature another Warhammer Post! For the past few posts on Warhammer Fantasy, you would have noticed that I have been expanding my Dwarven army. Next in line to that would be my daemon army and it has been the army I have been working to expand and paint this past few months.

 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, aka Magicmen marching in the Realm of Chaos

For starters, I shall feature my Pink Horrors of Tzeentch which I like to call them the Magic Men. These creatures of chaos are made out of pure chaotic energy and are form by the will of Tzeentch. They do not have a static material form. As such, they take a discernable body type or would blur into a frantic mass of colours as they move across the battlefield.

Iridescent Horror and the Standard Bearer

While Pink Horrors have very basic stats which include Strength and Toughness 3 with 1 Wound and Attack, it is their collective ability that fascinates me. As a unit, the Pink Horrors become a spellcaster with a certain number of spells and level. As the unit grows larger, the level will increase and the amount of spells it can cast as a collective increases too. Essentially, foe every unit of Pink Horror I have on the table, it gives me an additional wizard which could prove devastating to the opponent.

Pink Horrors on the Move

Painting these guys was not a difficult task. It is all in the layering. Starting out with a 1:1.5 Ratio of Red Gore and Dwarf Flesh and then scaling it to a lighter shade of 0.5:1 Red Gore and Dwarf Flesh and High lighting the areas of skin to 2-2.5 parts of Skull White to 1 part Red Gore to give the pinkish skin effect on the Pink Horrors. While this is a technical guide to what colour are use for the main body, I do not really always mix uniformly to that exact proportion. Nevertheless, I am always learning and trying my best to improve my layering, highlighting and blending skills in painting my miniatures.

Pink Horrors raising their hands in the air!
There have been speculation and rumors that Games Workshop is preparing to release heap loads of army books for Chaos. There have been talks in Warseer Forum on what is being scheduled till February of 2013. Apparently by that month, the new Daemon of Chaos Army book will be out and there will be a few new units to go along with it.

Pink Horror Musician

As for now, the numbers to my Daemon Warband is not enough for any battles.With just 10 of these guys in starting my DoC army, I have a long way to go in boosting their numbers and getting more types of Daemons but in time, I am confident that I can field a decent DoC army and try it out in the Warhammer community.

Bannerman for My Pink Horrors

For those who have their Daemons all ready for war and need to know of any revision that are made, there is an official updated version v1.4 that you can use to aid you in the modifications made to the current DoC list.

Like My Background?

With regards to photoes taken of these Pink Horrors, I decided that I didn't want to use the background consisting of the same usual Clouds or Sunset Sky. Since they are beings from the Realm of Chaos, it would only be appropriate to have some warped sky with weird colours. As such, I decided to use Adobe Photoshop to make my own type of background as it was almost impossible to type "Magical Warp Sky" on Google and get an image I was looking for.

Using Difference Clouds, Lens flare and a few other effects, I finally got the background that I wanted and thus, what you see is what I have made. Let me know your thoughts on it!

Now it is back to more painting and planning for the year end (if there would be one :p) and more geeky and nerdy posts to come! So stay tune!


  1. Great Pink Horrors! You make it sound like it is easy to paint like this but I generally don't think so.

    Nice simple touch on the background. Nice post!

    Good to see Warhammer stuff again!

  2. Finally, You have come to the dark side and started a Daemon Army yes?

  3. Great post! Good to see Warhammer stuff again! Nice painting Jiaqi.
    From what I heard, it will be Daeomons of Chaos first, followed by Warriors of Chaos.

  4. Awesome Paintjob with an Awesome Background! Great to see Warhammer again!

  5. Haha, Yes Chaoslurker, I have. I have been building it up big time. But I like to believe I have both yin and yang for my armies.