Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Tis' The Season to be Jolly!

Toyconstruct would like to wish you an awesome festive and joyous Christmas!

It seems that we have made it thru the 'supposed' Doomsday. Thus, it should be an even more happy occasion to celebrate right? :p

In any case, it has been quite a journey for Toyconstruct and we will be reaching the third years by year end in which this geeky blog has been our platform to showcase our photoes, collectibles and discuss various topics ranging from Model kits, Miniatures, Collectibles and other geeky events. Since then, we have reached 90,000 pageviews and it is good to know that people see and appreciate our stuff.

Christmas ain't Christmas without a Chritmas Tree. (A Model Christmas Tree in this instance)

 For starters, we really like to thank the people who read our blog and put in their inputs on what we do. The many compliments and the small community that talk about our works give us motivation to go on and showcase our stuff. Josh and I are always trying to think of ways to improve the blog and make it even more awesome.

Awesome Architecture Paper Models

On a self reflective note, it has been a good year for me in terms of painting and making models. I must say that I have been very productive in the hobby area of my life. This is partly due to the fact that I have had much more time on hand this year compared to last year. Recapping the works I have done for this year, I would say it was mostly Warhammer stuff compared to Modern Military. As featured, I have painted and assembled 2 Regiments of 40 Dwarf Warriors, A Bretonnian Trebuchet, A Dwarf Thane, 10 Pink Horrors, 6 Screamers and another regiment that I have yet to reveal but will feature it next year. This would be the most I have accomplished in a long long time. Admittedly, I doubt I would be able to build up my two new Armies (Daemon of Chaos and Dwarves) on my own, given how work life will be for me soon. And as such, I would have to use Painting Services for many other figures. Nevertheless, I will still feature them.

 Lots of Dwarves Assembled in 2012.

On the Modern Military front, I was able to use the airbrush for the first time and construct the T-80B Tank and F-22 Raptor. Furthermore, I was able to construct an easy fix model kit that is the JMSDF SH-60 Seahawk. Lastly, I did some paint job and assembly on GHQ Armour which will be shown on the blog next year. (I ain't telling what it is. It's a surprise :p) The rest of the GHQ Naval Miniatures you see were all works done in 201. Hence, not much on Modern Military completions. Other than that, all other modern military stuff were from painted services or collectibles. And I can assure you that there will be more of these stuff featured next year.

Blackhawks and Special Forces.. Always Looking Cool

Dust Tactics Artwork (It's all about the babes)

Aside from the main stuff we featured, we took much joy to see interest from readers in our other collectibles like the Transformers, Marvel and DC Heroes, Sci-Fi stuff like Dust Tactics, Killzone, Gundam and an adequate share of Anime Figures too.

Looking at all of it, Josh and I have truly had a fun-filled experience to share our photography and hobbies with you all. And we shall continue to do so!

On a more personal note, it has been 2 years since we have taken pictures together in the same location. Josh has been in the US for 2 years and I kind of missed those collaborations we had when he was back in SG. It was nostalgic to reminisce with him on the awesome times we got to help each other on various photo shots of our collectibles. However, in spite of the distance, the adventures I have had with him online makes us connected in a vital way.

Aside from our blog posts on Toyconstruct, Gaming has played a crucial role in our great friendship. To be Specific, 260 Hours of Shogun Total War 2, 5 Campaigns over 3 levels of Difficulty resulting in 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 still pending. I need not emphasize the intrigue, politics and conquest that goes with playing this game with Josh.

Currently, I am the head of the Takeda clan and Josh is the head of Hojo. Having converted to Christianity has made things a little more tricky for us in this game. However, it has made the game much more interesting with the new arsenal that is given to us.

 Nanban Trade Ships. Deadly and Overpowering.

There have been so many awesome memories made in this game. From crazy epic last stand battles to discovering something new, this game has provided much pleasure and pain. (The Pain coming from the very buggy campaign we had when I was playing Chosokabe and Joshua was heading the Shimazu clan)

Epic End Battle between the Shogunate and Our clans.

An Encounter with the Black Ship that ended very badly for me

Aside from the adventure that Josh and I have been experiencing in feudal Japan, we have also been on the planet of Pandora as Vault Hunters, kicking up a storm and enjoying the plot line of this game for its witty humor and awesome FPS gameplay.

And after playing for quite awhile, I am beginning to have an attachment to the characters in the game. Weirdly enough, I did not play Borderlands 1 at all. With so many Sci-fi shooters around, it is hard to even get started. Furthermore, I ain't significantly interested in such genres and Borderlands 1 didn't really capture my eyes. It was not until our mutual friend, Wei Ting, gave us Borderland 2 to play that I have had a change of heart on the game.

My Level 12 Assassin, Zero

My Level 30 Siren, Padame and fellow adventurer to Josh's own level 30 Siren.

And boy, what a turn around it has been. I have grown to like the characters in the game and the storyline is refreshingly great. Speaking of turn arounds this year, I have also finalyl become a vivid gamer in Dota 2. It is really ironic that I would be such a person when just 6 years ago, I really hated the game to the core.

The Geek part of me is as big a part as the Hobbyist side of my heart. And as such, with the good recommendation from my friends to experience great stories, I will also be embarking on a space adventure to complete and live the story of Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3.

As for now, I will like to thank you all again for being a part of Toyconstruct and they will be many more awesome posts in 2013 with extra stuff in store for you all.

On behalf of Joshua, We both wish you all, Happy Holidays! To end off, Here is a Nice Pudgy Dwarf Santa Claus by Vertigo Miniatures for your viewing pleasure.


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