Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Ill-fated Bretonnian Trebuchet.

Good day to all, it is Warhammer Time!

Today, I am featuring my Bretonnian Trebuchet. The Trebuchet is the one and only War Machine in the Bretonnian Arsenal. Reacquired in the 6th edition of Warhammer, the Trebuchet is a stationary stone thrower that hurls boulders and various forms of weights at its enemies.

The Masonry Craftsman commandeering his Trebuchet crew

One of the Trebuchet crewman and a kid

With this War Machine, the Bretonnians have more option to deal with their enemies. The Stone thrower damage is a strength 5(10) hit and deals D6 wounds per model. While Knights do view War Machines with great disdain, they admit to its ability to cause destruction from a great distance away. Hence, they get siege engineers and peasants to man these behemoths of stone throwing.

A Knight totem inside the Trebuchet

The Commander and his Shaggydog.

When I found out that Bretonnians were getting a new unit that is the Trebuchet, I was really ecstatic. Now at the very least, I get to shoot from afar and deal great damage instead of having to be forced to charged head on against an enemy's war machine that would mow my poor knights down before I could get a chance to engage it. Furthermore, The Trebuchet provided more options for the already limited dynamics of the Bretonnian Army.

The Kid, A mascot to the Trebuchet crew, sitting on a wheelbarrow.

A Crew working on breaking down a Pillar to act as a projectile for the Trebuchet.

I do love dry brushing shades of grey to make this pillar. (No pun intended to the recent horrid novel)

Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with my Trebuchet. After taking much time and sweat to paint and build it up (It is also my first War Machine that I have painted and constructed), I decided to field it in my army and let it prove its worth on the battlefield. However, my Trebuchet's bark is louder than its bite. Somehow, it never ever survives beyond the Second turn of battle and this isn't because it was taken out by the enemy but mainly because it misfires and self-destructs.

My Trebuchet looks great but fires like a bumbling idiot

Behold, a Sight to see

It has been a real dreadful time to see my Trebuchet disassemble from a misfire. So frequent are the misfires that my friends that battle with me do not even bother taking out the war machine as they know somehow or another, it would malfunction and be totally irrelevant by turn 2.

Well my Bretonnian Army has been on a long hiatus (as with all my other warhammer armies). Therefore, I do hope that the curse of misfiring would have lifted when I do field them again. *Fingers Crossed*

In any case, you can view more pics of my Trebuchet in The Trebuchet Album on our Toyconstruct Facebook Page.

Newsflash! I have a functioning Dwarf Army that is ready to rock and roll. Been busy painting up both Warhammer and Modern Military stuff, but it won't be long before I take up my sword and do some Warhammer battles with my various armies soon.

Let me know on your opinions of the Bretonnian Trebuchet and have anyone had any experience with it.


  1. Misfires..the bane of all warmachines.

    You, my friend, have really bad rolls for trebuchet. :p

    But it is a great work!

  2. I would say, much as Bretonnians are not really great in the war machine depeartment, the bottom two pictures taken are really great and the model itself is well painted and assembled. Good stuff!

    My condolences on your bad rolls! Play MORE to change that LUCK! Train on your dice rolls if that made any sense. =P

  3. Much Agreement with chaoslurker! Keep training your dice rolls for Warmachines haha!

    Cool Paintjobs you done on these guys! Nice Stuff! And BTW, when use to its fullest, Trebuchet can be really really painful. While they are not mobile, their damage is stronger than a stone thrower.

  4. Good to see that After I sort of mentioned War Machines in the last post that there is one now. Great Bretonnian Trebuchet, Jiaqi!

  5. New Dwarven Army is fully ready? That is going to be a fun-filled army to play for sure.
    I am sure your war machines would prove to be exceptional and fire with deadly effect.

  6. Really Great Bretonnian Stuff you come up with!
    The great tragedy is when they become useless in battle. I feel your pain!

    But I think the saying of "Practice makes Perfect" could help here.
    You need to just keep playing more to see the full potential of your Bretonnian Army.

  7. Indeed, I hope there is a change of luck for me. May the Dice Gods smile upon my trebuchet rolls and every other dice rolls :P