Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sovremenny class Destroyer

And finally it is back to featuring Modern Military Collectibles!

This week I shall be featuring yet another completed GHQ naval miniature, The Russian Destroyer, Sovremmeny.

The Sovremenny, The Russian Mainstay Naval Vessel

Sovremenny Class Destroyer sailing alongside the Russian Kirov Class Battle Cruiser

The Sovremenny Class Destroyer or Project 956 was commissioned in 1980. It is the principal anti-ship naval vessel of the Russian Navy. Along with the Udaloy class Destroyer, the Sovremenny class is capable of also performing anti-submarine and anti-air roles.

Armed with 2 Quad launchers containing Moskit SSM 3M80E anti-ship missiles and having the ability to travel 32.7knots, the Sovremenny serves its purpose with deadly effect even till today. While it is quite an old vessel with 12 of its kind being retired, the Russian still maintains 5 of these vessels. (The Chinese have 4.)

While the Russians are proposing Project 21956 which is aimed at replacing the Udaloy and Sovremenny class Destroyers, there are speculations that the project will only be initiated earliest 2012 or latest 2016. This implies that the Sovremmeny will still be a relevant and much needed principal destroyer of the Russian Navy and rightfully so.

Speaking of which, I have been playing MW3 recently and I have passed the Submarine mission as shown below.

FOR AMERICA!!!! YEAHHHHH! HI 5s everyone!

And I find it totally ludicrous that 1 Delta force team can fuck up the entire Russian Navy assaulting New York. (No discredit to the elite special forces) Pardon my extreme Modern Military Warfare Nerdiness, but let us just take into account that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got its popularity for its "Movie" like direction of Modern Combat and also giving players a sense of realism on the harshness and true grit of Modern-era Warfare.

Now I did mention my slight disappointment in my 2012 STGCC post about how MW2 was kind of way over the top. I can't help but laugh when I saw General Shepard, a 3 Star General, fighting in the front lines on various missions as that would be total bullshit even in World War 2 context (aside from General Patton). But let us close one eye on that issue and assume it could be real and that General Shepard is like our Modern Day General Patton. It seems almost crazily impossible that Force 141's remaining personals, Captain Price and MacTavish, could take General Shepard down despite the fact that General Shepard had an ARMY to support him.

Pretty "Ramboish" to me. And don't get me started on the finale where Captain Price fought with General Shepard in hand to hand combat. (SUPER CHEESEEE).

Well back onto topic of the Delta Forces' Submarine Mission in MW3. Taking into consideration that MW3 was released less than a year ago, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that Naval warfare tactics would be taken into consideration in that mission. Especially with the new concept of littoral combat ships handling shallow waters while Blue water Naval Vessels would stay further away and be less exposed to tight spaces where their weakness in maneuverability would be insulated.

So it really does puzzle me that during the Submarine mission, I see the entire Russian Naval fleet banked up in the shallow waters of Lower Manhatten's East River. No Admiral in his right mind would want to place his huge ass Battlecruisers, Destroyers and his Carrier near there when they haven't even had full control over New York's Airspace and Land. I shall not delve further into how they were able to make the Russian ships fire on each other. *Facepalm*

Captain Price: Your Modern Day Sean Connery with more Grit.

As cheesy as it is, I will continue to play MW3 till I finish the game mainly because I love Captain Price's badassery and the fact that there are still some missions that provide realistic Modern firefights.

Aside from that, More badasss Modern Military Models coming soon. So stay tune!


  1. Hahah Modern Warfare is all about Cheesiness. I am sure you had to be expecting that after Modern Warfare 2.

    Well-painted Sovremmeny you have there!

  2. MW3..Totally Realistic...NOT!

    But I do agree that Captain price is True Grit! Although that is a Great Paint Up of the Sovremenny Destroyer.

  3. Yeah, Military Stuff! It is pretty hilarious what you wrote about the Modern Warfare 3 game. But like Killers and Shen, I too agree that many scenarios in MW3 were just total bullshit to the max.

    Aside from your cool Sovremenny miniature, I must say the Russian Navy has an uphill task to modernise its already old fleet. Project 21956is going to take a long time and it isn't even certain that it will be up and running by 2016. So the Sovremenny could be around for longer or the Russian Naval Fleet decreased in size.

  4. Very good point MilOpGuy. On the brightside, Russia's economy is recovering bit by bit. So there is still that possibility of a revival in Military defense technology for Russia.

  5. Long time no see People!! Great paint up of the Sovremenny! hahah all I can say is that you FINALLY finished the two Modern Warfare Games! GOOD on YOU!

  6. It always amazes me how you are able to paint such a miniature model ship of that size. Wonderful stuff and its great to see Military stuff again!

    Kudos to Captain Price! What a MAN!

  7. Hahaha I do feel that everything went downhill after CoD 4, and the storyline for MW3 is quite incomprehensible. I think the developers tried really hard to cook up some kind of scenario to start WW3 and have you massacring idiotic Russians by the millions.

    I kinda miss the old CoDs like 1 & 2 that were much nearer the realistic spectrum.

  8. GHQ ships are awesome! Nice work. You can also paint these up as Chinese since they have Sovremenny class destroyers as well.