Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moving and Camera Upgrade

Hey Everyone

I must apologize that toyconstruct has not been updated for awhile.

Right now I have just completed a move from VA to PA, and started on the very first few days of medical school (and exams) :/

News-wise, I have just upgraded my camera and will be ready to get shots in of my yet unfeatured minis and collectables. Expect 1/6 figures, Machinen-Krieger, WFB, and yet another Killzone figure to come up soon.

Thank you for your readership, as having a community of fellow geeks/nerds has been a big part of our lives.

I will post really soon.



  1. Long MIA from both of you! haahaa

  2. Can't wait to see more WFB stuff.

  3. Speaking of which, Jiaqi has gone missing too. LoL

    Hope to see entries soon! Cheers