Wednesday, September 12, 2012

STGCC 2012

Good day to all of our fellow readers,

I do very much apologize for our absence away from the blog. It has been hectic but I guess you probably know that from Joshua. For me, its has been a busy intense period which involved me geeking off on computer games and doing various other mundane activities that do not require mentioning.

However, I am back with much to share. For starters, on 1-2 September, Singapore held its annual Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) at Marina Bay Sands. This is the first time it is held there and it has been the third year for this particular convention.

I must say that this year was a blast and it was a huge hit in the new location. I felt that this year's convention had a more better turnout compared to last year. Unfortunately, I was only able to go for one day and I could not stay for too long on the particular day I went,. Nevertheless, I was really impressed. The turnout was great and the crowd was huge. You had the artists alley filled with many awesome illustrations and artworks which were a joy to take a stroll and appreciate their works. (Imaginary friends being my favourite) And the TOYS, What more can I say? I am a sucker for Toys and the range featured in the convention were just as good as the first time STGCC started.

Hot Toy's Black Widow.... SO HOT!

Hot Toy's Thor

As always, the biggest and most coolest booth for STGCC would have to be the Hot Toys' Displays. In my opinion, the figures they had shown this year were so awesome. Partly due to my captivation of the Marvel Avengers movie, I was fascinated by the great sculpt work and aesthetics put into these 1/6 action figures. It is also because of my plans to acquire these Avengers figures that have made me have high praise and admiration for the people who did this. Hot Toys have been in the business for quite awhile (since 2000). Initially, they did 1/6 Military Figures to compete with Dragon, DiD (Dragons in Dreams), BBI (Blue Box Toys) and other 1:6 scale companies that specialized in Action Figures from various War eras.

However, they transition to making high-end figures based on media properties. (Mainly Movies) And it was indeed a great move for Hot Toys as they are the number one guys for 1:6 scale Movie merchandise. I would even dare say that Marvel and DC have provided Hot toys with much to make and sell.

Hot Toys Sculptor Panel and Autograph Session

It is because of my interest in Hot Toys that also compelled me to go to this year's STGCC. This was due to the fact that this year's convention was featuring the Hot Toys' sculptors from Korea. It would have been a splendid idea to meet and greet them personally and express my admiration for their works. And of course, get their autographs. Unfortunately, there was some sort of disorganization in the Hot Toys' panel. Apparently, not much details were disseminated to the public on what "sort" of panel/autograph session it would be. It turns out that in order to meet and greet the sculptors, one had to buy the exclusives in the convention to see them. That means that even if you had your own Hot Toys collectibles you wanted them to sign, you were not allowed unless you got the exclusives. Furthermore, it turned out to be more of an autograph session than a panel where they would tell fans on how they do their work and their thoughts on their action figures.

So, to my disappointment, I couldn't see them up close and get any autographs. And since most of the stuff I wanted from Hot Toys are still on pre-order, there was nothing I could get signed. It was a real major bummer but anywhosss.... There were still many interesting stuff to see there.

Black Ranger playing an Online game.

Illustrations from Tristan Eaton

The STGCC Hall

Another Work from Graffiti Artist Tristan Eaton

1:6 Modern Military Soldier (My Favorite Action Figures)

It is a local version of Force 141 from Modern Warfare 2 and... a special guest.

 Well there are more photoes on our facebook page which you can find under the STGCC 2012 album. Aside from that, you will get to see a lot more posts and stuff Josh and I have prepared for you guys.

Aside from this, I have FINALLY completed MW2 which I found a lil over the top. And since the craze of Modern Warfare is pretty much over, I don't really see a point in doing a game review on it as I am sure many have already played it. As of now, I am onward to MW3 and for me, I am really just going to see how the story pans out. I am pretty sure it is going to be over the top ridonkulous too.

Please do feel free to give me your thoughts on the game. Other than that, I have been delving into Dota II and conquering my way through Japan with Joshua.

Till next post, take care!


  1. Great to see you back! It is nice to see that Singapore has these type of conventions too. Is this the only one?

    And my oh my, indeed it has taken you pretty long to get MW2 completed. Admittedly, it was over-the-top kind of story. That is Activision for you.

  2. The Hot Toys Action Figures look really really awesome. They must cost a bomb.

  3. Unfortunately Killers, yes it is the only type of Comic-con in Singapore. I do wish they had more, but the nerd and geek community isn't as huge as that in the US.

    And Yes Nat, It is a very costly hobby to collect Hot Toys Figures. :P BUT WORTH IT haha

  4. MW2 and MW3 reminds me of Team America: World Police.
    But in any case, Great convention! It is good to see that even in Asia, there is a following. And I think one comic-con in Singapore is already sizeable enough for a small country yeah?

  5. I like the pictures you have taken but I am pretty sure you would have gotten more if you had stayed longer. Keep the posts coming Jiaqi and Joshua!

  6. Super Cool! I like Hot Toys Avengers! Looks great. I just saw the Movie not too long ago in Japan. Amazing! maybe I would get this figures too!

  7. The Album on your facebook page looks great. I really like the artwork by Tristan Eaton. The Hot Toys figures are amazing and quite a few funny pics inside. STGCC looks pretty good!