Monday, September 17, 2012


I do trust you are liking the frequency of our posts now.

Josh started off with a few awesome Transformers' posts earlier this year and I will continue on giving a brief intro on my interest in the Robots of Disguise.

I was born in the era when the Transformers G1 first came about and it was an iconic toy-line and cartoon for the better part of my childhood. From the iconic "transforming" sound of these Transformers, to the phrase "Autobots, Transform and Roll out", I really was into the Hasbro entertainment franchise.


Even the theme song for Transformers was just totally awesome cool. (Then again, many 80's cartoon theme song were really awesome) During that time, I did take an interest in another branch of Transformers known as the Transformer Victory Japanese series in which their leader or "Optimus Prime" compare was this cool bot known as Star Saber. it is worth mentioning that the Star Saber Toy was epic!!

Transformers Victory was a Transformers series that involved more combination and several robots combining to make bigger Transformers. The combination methods were total ownage.

Maybe it is just me but I cannot recall anything from an earlier era that made robots and automatons look this cool. As mentioned before, I was totally into Transformers right up till G1 ended and in the mids of Generation  but I gained more interest in Gundam. Admittedly, I am a very visual person when it comes to my collectibles. While I had none of the Old Transformers that I collected, after G1, I found that the design of the Transformers weren't as appealing as before.

I only took interest in Transformers again when the Transformers Animated Series came out. During this period, Michael Bay's Crazy explosion real live action Transformers also played a part in reviving my interest and appeal to the "More than Meets the Eye"bRobots. (Ironically, while my interest got revived, I didn't really like the Michal Bay's movies.)

Cybertronian Soundwave

With the era of gaming at hand now, I happen to stumble upon the "War of Cybertron" Transformer game trailer. Mixing a futuristic sleek design with the old G1 theme, these Transformers from the game really captivated me to collect their Action figures.

EPIC Re-imagine Transformers from the "War of Cybertron" Trailer

Soundwave's Side Stare.

Thankfully, Hasbro did release the Cybertronian version of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Soundwave and Megatron. For me, it was so cool to actually see how Transformers had developed so far. And so, I decided to get me a few of the Cybertronian figures. And my first Cybertronian Transformer was Soundwave.

Soundwave full body profile

In G1, Soundwave was one of the most recognizable Decepticons with his monotone computerized voice. He was able to transform into a Radio cassette player and able to store various cassettes that were Transformers themselves. These Transformer characters include Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Rumble, Frenzy, Slugfest, and Overkill.

Soundwave had the ability to detect and block communication and transmissions from the entire energy spectrum which places him as the Communication Officer of the Decepticons. His Autobot counterpart of lesser popularity was Blaster. In G1, they had a strong rivalry between each other. (I for one, particularly enjoyed battles between these two, especially when they pit each others cassette tape Transformers against each other.)

The Cybertronian Soundwave looks very similar to G1 version. In the game, Soundwave acts as Megatron's second in command and transform into this Cybertronian vehicle as shown below.

Firing Pose!
I for one do like how they have made Soundwave look sleeker yet not remove any of the characteristics and major design that represents this awesome Decepticon.

Soundwave on a kneel pose.

Truth be told, Soundwave was one of the few villains that I had an appeal for. Back in my childhood days, I was a "Good Guy" kid. Like most kids, I would be rooting for the good guy and buying all the good guys before I took any interest in any of the villains (aside ffromt he leader). And while that still remains evident in many of my collections today, Soundwave like Darth Vader, are one of the few villains I wouldn't mind collecting apart from the Head Honcho of the Villain group of any cartoon, story or game series. (This does not include My Modern Military Collection)

Soundwave in vehicle mode

Sideviewof Soundwave in Vehicle Mode

The War of Cybertron game was released 2 years ago in 2010. As you may know by now, I have a backlog of games to play but I did hear that the game received numerous positive reviews with minor criticism on the lack of ammo and periodic grinding sequences. However, the gameplay, storyline and overall outlook of the environment and robots were a great hit to gamers.

The Iconic Decepticon Logo

 A month ago, High Moon Studios' Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to War of Cybertron has been released and the reviews have been very positive. This would also mean a whole new line of Cybertronian Figures that Hasbro can show.

But before I even get into that, You have to take a look at the two trailers they have for the new Transformer game if you have not seen it already.

Fall of Cybertron Trailer 1

Tell me you did not like Grimlock transforming into his Dino-mode? Really a great trailer. I know it would be expecting too much but if Hasbro can come up with super High Quality Transformers that look exactly like in the game with the same colour and shading, that would be totally wicked.

While, I do feel the War of Cybertron Optimus looks better, this new Optimus design does hold its own.

Fall of Cybertron Trailer 2
The Second Trailer just takes the cake with the epic battle that is going on. We see Bruticus taking on the three famous Dinobots and Jazz. We see a faceoff between Optimus and Megatron only to reveal something more awesome...Metroplex!!!

I can't wait to finish War of Cybertron and get on with this game, I am also anticipating the release of Hasbro's Cybertronian Grimlock and see if it is cool enough for me to procure. If you haven't already know, during the San Diego Comic-con, Hasbro had released a limited edition in-game colour Bruticus. Following that, Hasbro will release a range of Cybertronian Figures from Fall of Cybertron that includes Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sideswipe, Shockwave, Starscream, Soundwave, Grimlock and Kickback, an Insecticon.

I won't be getting all of them, but you bet your socks I would be featuring a few of the Transformers in Toyconstruct, so stay tune!

Aside from that, any Transformer fans out there? How do you find the new re-imagined Transformers in these games. Give us your opinion!



  1. I really like the WAr of Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games. The cgi trailers are so epic too.

    Love how they remade the series via these video games.

    Not a super fan of transformers but they are growing on me due to this game.

  2. It has been eons since I last saw your blog. Good to see so much stuff!

    And WOW, Transformers! My favourite cartoon show of all time. I really really do like the new remake by High Moon Studios. I also love the toy range.

    However, I do prefer Optimus from the War of Cybertron rather than the new one. However, I must add on that Grimlock looks SUPER DUPER COOL!

  3. I really like the re-imagined Transformers in this game. Way better than Michael Bay's stuff. As for Villains, I love Shockwave more than Soundwave. Aside from that, it is something about the colour and way they do this game trailers that make me like these transformers a lot.

    I do agree that they also do give a feel of the G1 generation Transformers which is what I enjoyed the most.

  4. Really cool blog with an awesome lineup of action figures. Love the Soundwave Cybertronian Transformer. Nice picture taken too.

  5. If only this was the movie for Transformers rather than Michael Bay's version. One word, "EPIC"

  6. That would be totally awesome ChengYin45. And proceed to Insert the Old Transformers Movie theme song!

  7. Hahaha I find it really interesting and amusing that everyone does not like how the Transformers are portrayed in Michael Bay's films. I guess everyone is more agreeable on the classic version.