Wednesday, October 3, 2012

JMSDF SH-60 Seahawk

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In this post, I would be featuring the SH-60 Seahawk from the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). 
SH-60 Seahawk JMSDF

I got this 1:144 scale SH-60 Seahawk from the Kotobukiya store in Akihabara. This model comes from F.Toys Confectionery and is part of the Heliborne Collection Special. Since I was unable to get anything due to my BUDGET trip to Japan, I decided to at least get a trinket in terms of Modern Military Models.

Pre-painted Model Kit

Even though it does not require any painting, there is a fair amount of assembling. However, as always Japanese quality pre-painted stuff is pretty good. I did need to touch up on various areas to improve the paint job though. Furthermore, some of the parts did not fit perfectly and required some putty to fill up the gaps.

Side Profile of the Seahawk

Opposite Side Profile

In the end, the Seahawk does look pretty gorgeous. It was also quite a delight to take pictures of it. I had to make pilots out of green putty as I always preferred my vehicles to have personnel inside them. Especially if you can see them from transparent glass windows.

Seahawk in the Air!

SH-60 doing Maneuvers

As many of you modern military enthusiast might know, the SH-60B or in this case SH-60K (Upgraded SH-60B, Japanese Naval Version) primary role is anti-submarine warfare. (ASuW). It also function as a special warfare insertion vehicle and a Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter.

Backshot of the SH-60 Helo

It is interesting to know that the SH-60B has 83% commonality with its Land Brother, the Blackhawk UH-60A. Unlike its brother, it can carry 3 Mk-46 or Mk-54 torpedoes. The SH-60K can travel at speeds of 270km/h and has a service ceiling of about 3580m.

 Mount Everest: 8848m

I am an admirer of the Blackhawk and Seahawk Helicopters. They are masterpiece of Helicopter Aviation that have accumulated from the days of the Huey to present. One recent milestone would be the raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout using a Stealth version of the Blackhawk.

Despite that, I marvel at how Nature still dwarves mankind's innovation with its natural structures like Mount Everest. Mount Everest is 8848m. An impossible height for the Blackhawk to scale even half way up the Mountain Peak. Even the CH-47 Chinook, known to be one of the most powerful Helicopters today, has a service ceiling of only 5640m.

Kind of put things into perspective yeah? So unless you are going to parachute from a plane onto the peak of Mt. Everest, reaching the summit really is a huge accomplishment. But I digress, in any case, the Seahawk is still a great aviation machinery. It is still one of the coolest trooper transport helo I know.


  1. Interesting Article. I must say, this really put into perspective how Badass someone is when they do make it to the top of Mount Everest.

    Nice Build of the SH-60

  2. Sugoi!! Really Nice JMSDF Helicopter!

  3. Poor Kamov Ka-27 gets no love as compared to the Seahawk or Blackhawk. Did you know the Ka-27 Service ceiling is 5000m. Almost near Mount Everest height.

  4. Urm I think you saw it wrongly. Mount Everest is 8848. The Chinhook service ceiling is 5640m. However, for the Kamov Ka-27 to climb as high as 5000 is pretty powerful.

  5. Oh, you are right. Totally misread what you wrote. But yeah, Kamov needs more love! Lol

  6. Nice shot and placement of the Seahawk. I do very much like how you have assembled it and take photos of it.

  7. Sometimes, we do overlook the awesome technology that the Russians have developed because we are being fed on how great western power military technology is. The Russians and Chinese have a few counter-measures, war-machines and weaponry that are capable of competing with US Weaponry too.

  8. Feature the Ka-27! Haha. Do you have any Russian Helicopters to begin with, Jiaqi?

  9. A nice article with a nice model.
    I must point out that it really does put into perspective the size of Mount Everest.

    Even the V-22 Osprey which is a hybrid plane/helo, has a service ceiling of 7600m which higher than all helicopters that I know but still nowhere near the peak of Mount Everest.

  10. Now that you mentioned it Nat, I will get my hands on some Russian Helicopters eventually. And right on MilOpGuy! It really does put perspective onto the massive size of Mt Everest!