Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Thane

It is that time again where we delve into the fantasy world of Warhammer.

This week I shall write about Utheroth, the Thane of Karak Gothrak. He is the current general for my Dwarven army. Untested, I will be putting my Dwarven army into harms way soon. For a start, I might have them face-off with my other armies. If I do, I would be sure to give you guys a rundown on the battles.

Utheroth, Tactician and Vice-Commander of the Army of Karak Gothrak

My contemplative Dwarf Thane is one who contemplates much about war and is one to be many moves ahead of his enemies when executing tactics in a battle. Utheroth is the opposite of a Slayer as he ponders upon various strategies in defeating his enemies. As such, he is one to think much before dashing head on into battle. While a great warrior himself, he is known for his wits and military tactics in battle.

The Thane ponders..

Aside from the background story, I decided to choose this figure for my Thane as he looked really composed and cool. I do like the fact that he rests his hand on the hilt of his giant axe while his beard droops over his hand. Another cool part of the figure is his helm that he carries on his other hand.

Unfazed by the Black Orc in front of him

It is also the posture in which he stands that exudes battle-hardiness and life-long experience in war. And to that extent, further elevates his "cool" factor. More over, the calm and cool demeanor that is express from his face gives some sense of silent dread.

Dwarf and Stone.

The Thane and His Commanders

One thing I do like about Dwarven Heroes and Lords is their ability to customize their weapons with Runes. In some cases, stack up runes on their weapons to make them even more deadly. Similar to Bretonnian Virtues, these runes enhances weapons, armor and the Dwarves' innate ability. The difference would be its stack ability and there are way more runes compared to Bretonnian virtues which gives the Dwarves more option to customise their characters' abilities.

Another option a Thane has is the ability to bring an oath stone with him. This essentially compels him to join a unit which gives the entire unit the ability to disable enemies from getting flank or rear bonus when engaging the Thane an his unit. However, this also means that the Thane would have to issue or accept a challenge whenever engage in close combat. If the Thane and his unit of Stone-bearers lose a battle, the Thane's Victory points will be awarded to the enemy regardless whether the Thane is slain or not which can be very costly.

Since I am pretty much a noob in the area of customising runes for my Thane, what would you guys suggest as a great combination of runes for Utheroth? Give me your opinions!


  1. So this is what you have been busy with? Well, great stuff man. This thane looks really epicly painted!

    Well done Jiaqi! Bring in more of your stuff guys!

  2. Wow! Great Job on the Thane and Dwarves. Really really great looking stuff!! I can't wait to see how you put them in battle.

    It is a joy to see both you guys produce great works of miniatures and models! As good as your trebuchet!

  3. I am guessing this guy would be your general of your dwarf army right?

    Great paintjobs for your various warhammer units!

  4. Yet another great job on your Warhammer Models, Jiaqi.

    I really do like how you painted the Thane. And I agree with you that Oathstones can be really good to use in a defensive situation.

  5. I managed to find this from a forum

    Rune of Stone
    Great Weapon
    Master Rune of Great Weapons (Kragg the Grimm I think)
    Rune of Fury (+1 attack)
    Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm (+1 to hit)
    Master Rune of Spite (4+ WS)
    Rune of the Forge (immune to fire stuff)

    301 pts, gets 2 attacks at WS5 Str4 and 5 attacks at WS7, str 6 and +1 to hit. Has a 1+ AS and 4+ ward save and immune to fire sniping. so basically hits enemy on 2's and wounds on 2s.

    Pretty horrifying for a little dwarf.

  6. A very good list indeed. That is if you are fielding a lord in a 2.5k army. 2k and you are investing quite a bit on the Lord. Still worth its points.

    I must say that it would be a challenge facing higher toughness characters or units and striking last can be a factor to consider using the Master rune of Kragg the Grim. In any case, Since you are using a THANE, I suggest Rune of Fury (+1A), Rune of Cleaving (+1S) and Rune of Gromril (1+As) or another Rune of Fury.

    This could be quite devastating too.

  7. Wow, sound like a great combo to work on. I think for me now. The most interesting army at the moment is the dwarven army that I have.

    Thank you all for the really kind comments. (:

  8. Forgive me, I completely forgot that the above dwarf was a Thane. Vicker's suggestion is pretty good too!

  9. hawaiiwarhammerfanOctober 13, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    Not too pro or familiar about Dwarf Rune combination but I can say that it more than makes up for the Dwarves' inability to cast magic. Runes and Rune-smiths should not be trifled with.

  10. hawaii, You might want to add dwarven warmachines to the "not to be trifled with" list too.

  11. Really Awesome Warhammer Photos. Don't normally see this type of photo-taking on Warhammer stuff and your other collectibles. Nice Blog!