Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Optimus Prime

Hope you are liking the Robot galore that I have been featuring over these two months.

Today, I shall introduce to you the infamous Leader of the Autobots. He is none other than Optimus Prime. This version of Optimus is from the War of Cybertron Game.

Optimus Prime has been synonymous to Robot Leadership and is the iconic Robot leader of the Autobots which everyone should know! (I cannot recall any other Robot that is as iconic as Optimus in terms of leadership) 

Optimus in a "badass" pose

In Generation 1, Optimus Prime is able to transform into a Kenworth K100 cab over a truck. In the G1 animated series, he is able to fire short range optic blast (Like Cyclops from X-men), project holographic maps and is also able to retract his right hand unit to reveal a glowing axe.

Bad Ass Optimus Aiming His Gun at the Camera

In the G1 Animated series, Optimus Prime was first known as Orion Pax (from the episode War Dawn), a dock worker that had little to no defenses. During this Golden Age of Cybertron, a new breed of transformers known as the Decepticons were lead by their Leader Megatron. Orion had admiration for these all powerful transformers and was swayed by Megatron to show him their dock warehouses. An altercation ensued which lead to Megatron severely wounding Orion Pax and his girlfriend Ariel. Aided by the Aerial Bots, Orion Pax was upgraded and fixed up by Alpha Trion to become who we infamously know as Optimus Prime.

Optimus in Cybertronian Vehicle Mode

In Transformer's War for Cybertron, Optimus isn't the leaders of the Autobots just yet. However, he is a warrior trying to rally the Autobots against the Decepticons amidst the reported death of Zeta Prime.

Optimus' Vehicle Mode on a road with the Planets in the Background.

Speaking of Transformer's War for Cybertron, I have already completed the game and it has been a great fun to play the campaign. The critique of it being repetitive in graphical environment and its limited ammos issue isn't really much of a big deal to me in my opinion.

Cybertronian Designed Optimus is super awesome!

Furthermore, I feel the storyline and plot of the game does bring back much of the G1 series that I really like a lot so I do not really have much critique in the game. The weapons are pretty awesome and while vehicle mode isn't particularly needed in most of the game, it has some relevance in some missions. In any case, just transforming to vehicle mode and back is pretty darn cool.

Whoever designed the Icon for the Autobots and Decepticons is a Genius.

Autobots, Transform and ROLL OUT!

Back to this Action Figure, as stated above is the "War for Cybertron" version of Optimus Prime. As many of you may know, the Fall of Cybertron sequel to this game has been released recently and there have been some major redesigned on the new Optimus Prime.

Newly Designed Optimus Prime from Fall of Cybertron (Still contemplating whether to get it as the design does not go down well with me compared to the feature Optimus)

In-game Look

There are consensus that this action figure by Hasbro look way cooler than the new one. What is your verdict? To me, the older one looks sleeker yet hulky and strong. The new one (especially the toy), looks a lil more blocky. Furthermore, the toy is smaller in size compare to this original version.

Thus, I have my skepticism on the new design. Let me know your opinions on it.

Till then, Stay tune for more Awesome posts! And when I get around to it, i will give you a review on the Fall of Cybertron game!

Toodle loo!


  1. I really like the Bad Ass Optimus pose you did. Cybertronian Optimus is really really cool! Love this guy a lot.

  2. Like the Cybertronian Soundwave. This Optimus looks even better!

    Great shot. The whole planetary background is pretty fitting!

  3. The new Design doesn't go down well with me compared to the War of Cybertron version Optimus Prime. I prefer its slicker cooler look. That is just my opinion. And the Shots you have taken has made me more certain of my opinion.

  4. I do not think that the New Optimus Prime from Fall of Cybertron is that bad looking. However, I am disappointed at its size compared to the older War of Cybertron version Optimus as you have shown here. Action Figure wise, I would choose the War of Cybertron version of Optimus. In game though, I think both are equally cool.

  5. Not a super duper fan of the Transformers Series. But cool shots and Optimus Prime looks really wicked awesome. Way better than the Real action film by Michael Bay!

  6. Hi,
    i'm here.
    I like your blog ;-)
    And i love Optimus! ^

  7. Thanks all for you opinions! Really appreciate it. And thanks for the compliments too Cristina! Awesome to see you follow our small little blog (: