Friday, October 26, 2012

Marvel's Galactus

Good day to all again!

And today, I would like to show you all a really awesome Sideshow Collectible Maquette. This would be the first time I am featuring a collectible/model kit/miniature that I do not own and reviewing it.

While we have done many posts that do not feature the toys and collectibles that Josh and I have, this is something that I really think is worth a mention.

For starters, if you are a vivid collector of high grade action figures, statues and head bust. You probably would know of Sideshow Collectibles. Not only are they the main distributors of Hot Toys Collectibles in the US. They are a store that provides many limited edition figures and collectibles from Marvel, DC and other epic franchises.

Galactus, The World Eater

So for all those living in the US, you got a real awesome source to get your collectibles from. So much so that when there were a few Hot Toys pre-orders that I missed out in Asia and were completely off the market, I was able to get Joshua to help me pre-order it from Sideshow Collectibles. Of which, I opined that Joshua should be given a membership card to their online store for the crazy purchases he has/had been making for himself and particularly on my behalf. We shall feature these collectibles soon but I ain't telling much. (WIDE GRIN)

In any case, I happen to stumble upon this Sideshow Collectibles Galactus Maquette that looks super wicked awesome. Being one of the Top 5 most powerful Marvel Characters in the Marvel Universe, you could come to a reasonable agreement with me that he is pretty badass. With his insatiable hunger, he consumes planets constantly and is known as the Devourer of Worlds.

Going to be release in February 2013 (On my birthday month! and I wouldn't mind this as a birthday gift :p), this Galactus will set you back 800 USD. (around 1200 SGD) And this excludes shipping which could be a real bomb since this guy weighs a whooping 12kg. But the detail, paintjob and sculpting for this figure is phenomenal. I do very much lack lots of space to display much of my hobby collection so this figure would also be quite a pain to put in my already limited space room.

But it does compel me to have awesome dreams and delusions of grandeur on what I would do should I hit the lottery and how this would fit perfectly as one of my epic pieces in my "hobby" room

What is even more cooler about this Maquette is the fact that he has his Herald which could either be Nova or Silver Surfer place on his Hand.

How Epic awesome is this? There are of course many more Sideshow collectibles that are really great but this would really place me in euphoria should I have him in my collection of nerdy stuff.

Here is a Vid featuring him in the San Diego Comic Con.

 I would elaborate more on Galactus Origin sometime in the future, but for all those who are Marvel Fans, just enjoy one awesomely cool sculpt. For those poorer souls who cannot afford to get this sculpt, there is the Hasbro Galactus Figure that is pretty awesome and 15 times cheaper than this.

Aside from this feature, how many of you have dreams of grandeur? How would your "Hobby" room be like? What centerpieces would you be getting should Finances not be an issue. Do write down your comments (:

Till the next post, Cheers!


  1. This is an epic maquette! Really Great one here!

    As for Hobby room, I would like one with a paint rack and one wall to have all my displayed models. The Hobby room should be big enough to put my dioramas and at the same time have a cabinet filled with all the magazines for models and other stuff.

    It would be amazing to have a really big room filled with many models that I can display and a neat place to store my many dozen of incomplete model kits.

  2. Wow, this looks like a super epic figure. And if i were to have a hobby room. It will be filled from wall to wall with my action figure collectibles, books and comics!

    Probably will get this figure too.

    It looks so legendary and I always love how badass Galactus is.

  3. The heralds on his hand are so cool! That is really something awesome but the price tag seems like a real scorcher!! This would fit perfectly in my dream HOUSE of hobbies. My delusions of grandeur would be a three room apartment where each room has a particular section of my favorite collection. One for comic Collectibles and action figures and one for my 40k and Warhammer stuff. It would be my very own bachelor pad! Haha

  4. I will have a themed hobby room filled with DC Figures and Bed with DC Comic Quilt covers. Cool COmic Cover Art Posters and a Workstation to do all my Action figure mods and other stuff!

    While this is Marvel, I really think this is an awesome looking Figure. Wish Sideshow would do the same for Darkseid.

  5. Wowser! A very very epic Figure! Sux that you have to pre-order this figure fast and make the swift decision to get it immediately if not they will all be grabbed up real fast. Really good stuff here. If I had the green bags to make an ideal Hobby Room. It will be filled with a huge mantelpiece of Model kits. On another side of the room, a bookshelf of all the hobby Magazines and Books that I have collected and read. I shall have enough space to put my dioramas and have a workstation that is neat and organized. On the side of the workstation, I will have a huge rack that has all the paint i need and a high quality compressor for air-brushing. That would be my ideal paradise Hobby room.

    Good post Jiaqi!

  6. Similar to Killers, I will have a display rack that will showcase all my armies of Warhammer. Furthermore, I will have more space to showcase my diorama. My workstation will be in the garage but I would have a room with all my minniatures, books and hobby stuff.

    Great Maquette of Galactus. It looks like a real epic figure and deserving of its Price value.