Monday, July 2, 2012

The Transformer Cybertron Con 2011

Back again with Interesting stuff!! I must apologize for my longest absence from the blog.

Sometimes, Life does hit you with a brick wall of things that leave you comatose for a long period. I really do hope this does not happe to often but kudos to my fellow bro, Josh, for holding the fort for

About a good 4 months ago, Singapore held the second ever Transformer convention in the Resort World sentosa. I had the opportunity to attend and see what it was all about and I must say that it was pretty cool.

This convention pretty much showcased collectibles of Transformers and gave a brief overview on the various Transformer cartoon and toyline. For those who are living in a shell, Transformer is  a japanese creation of robots that shapeshift or 'transform' to vehicles. These robots were made popular by Hasbro and it became a big hit cartoon in Japan and the US. Eventually, It grew to be a global toy icon that captured the hearts of kids and young adults.

Huge Optimus Prime Statue in the Convention
While I was not able to catch to catch the lead designer Yoke Hideaki in the panel session. Here are some of the awesome collectibles featured in the convention.
Megatron from Transformer Animated

Classic G1 Optimus Prime!

Rodimus Prime from the Transformer Animated Movie

Another version of Optimus Prime

You can see more on the Toyconstruct's facebook page as I have uploaded the Transformer Cybertron Con 2012 album there.

Won't be describing much about the Transformers today as I am preoccupied with work and  Diablo 3 but admittedly, I have been catching the whole Robot craze recently. Furthermore, Transformer gives me a good nostalgic feeling since I use to collect several classic transformer figures.

There will be much more regular posts from me very soon... Thanks for the support!

See you all soon!


  1. Sugoi!! Super good picture shots of the Transformers Convention!

  2. Wow, I saw you pics on your album. Great stuff. Really good pictures taken.

    I do agree though. It is a pity that the lighting wasn't very good.

  3. Transformers! More than meet the eye! Pics taken were fantastic! This is definitely Nostalgic for me and You have also given me the Robot Craze bug. =p

  4. I am always a fan of Mecha/Robot stuff. The shots you had taken fromt he Convention look brilliant.

    Great close-ups! 2 Thumbs up from me! =D

  5. I love transformers!!! totally got hook to them during the G1 period and Animated too!
    Robots are always in fashion!

  6. The New "Fall of Cybertron" Game added with this post just makes me feel that a Transformer Revival is in play.. The new trailer is so cool! Check it out!

  7. Wow. That trailer is awesome. Will add in on the blog post!