Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Aurora CO Shooting

Hey Everyone

You must have heard about the terrible shooting at the Batman premiere, and someone came up with the idea that the cast of Batman come down to visit the wounded kids in costume.

Wouldn't that be awesome?

If you think so, please sign the petition below:

Our hearts and minds are with the families affected by the tragedy.


  1. I am deeply sadden by this and it just makes me feel more angry at the fact that we still do not enact gun laws. I live in L.A. and perhaps because I am a liberal, I guess I would never understand the concept which the South holds dear and that is their adamant belief about having the right to bear arms and hunt and defend themselves. In any case, more of these stuff will continue to happen.


    It is a really ugly topic to discuss about.

    I have already signed the petition, Josh.

  2. hawaiiwarhammerfanJuly 23, 2012 at 5:36 AM

    It is a very sad tragedy. My heart goes out to their families. I really do wish this type of things won't happen anymore. I am also not in support of the freedom to use Guns.

    The other gun tragedy where the toddler accidentally shot his father and kill him. That was also a very very sad story. Looking at it all, I cannot help but agree with you Jake.

  3. Hey hawaii, I heard of that gun tragedy with the toddler. It really saddens me to see all these gun-related tragedies. It's just very very sad. I am not a citizen so my opinion doesn't really count but I think gun laws would prevent such situation from happening as often as it should.

  4. I Signed this petition!