Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dwarf Warriors

GhulGlus allaz, which would be dwarven for Good day all as specified in this Dwarven Language blog I stumbled across.

It's Warhammer time for this week's post. For all you Warhammer enthusiast out there, it has been quite some time since the release of the New Empire Book.  Looking at the new units, I can safely say that the Empire got a pretty good facelift.

I would make an Honourable mentuion to the huge ass griffon and the new Emperor Karl Franz sculpt that makes  my Bretonnian King and his hippogriff look like a mini version of their gargantuan size.

Karl Franz and his Griffon

Speaking of the Empire, the Imperial weaponary and machinery originated from the Dwarfs which will be what I will be featuring today. Aside from what I had explained about the Dwarfs in my previous post, Originated from Germanic mythology, the dwarf was a being thatdwells in mountains and in the earth. Associated with wisdom, smithing, mining and crafting, rhet were also sometimes described as short and ugly.

They don't look too ugly to me though. Kinda cute I guess.

Based on the poem "Voluspa" from the Poetic Edd, it has an account of the first human being having been created by the dwarves. It also stated that the dwarves are products of the primordial blood of the being Brimir and the bones of Bláinn.

Dwarven Warriors ready for WAR!

In the Warhammer world, Dwarves were aided in their development by the Old ones. While not much is known on how they came about, their insatiable addiction to Gold and Gromril has always been prevalent in Dwarven society and well-known among all.

Beardy Beardy beard BEard...

As mentioned in my previous dwarven post, I have been building up my Dwarven Army and these are my warriors. Usually, Dwarven Warriors are drawn up from the citizenry of Dwarven Society. Most of them comprised of craftsmen and artisans.

Rank and File, Dwarves!

However, for my Dwarven Army theme, the warriors from the Silver Axe, Triple Steel and Ogren Clan are professional soldiers. Similar to the Spartans, the Dwarven Warriors under the command of Thane Utheroth of Karak Grothak, are constantly honing their skills by adventuring or seeking to land a hand to help their fellow dwarves in battle. I shall not stall any further so enjoy these Dwarf Warriors pics below:


Adventuring, A routine of the Warrior clans of Karak Grothak

The Standard Bearer of the Silver Axe

Warriorrssss...Come out to Plaayyy..
The Battleline.

Commander of the Karak Grothak Triple Steel Warrior Clan

While I still have quite some way to completing my dwarven army, bit by bit I am making good progress. Not toos ure if you noticed, but it all started out with my 10 Ironbreakers, followed by the Thundereers, and with my three regiments of Dwarven Warriors and a Thane, I think I could field a 2k army soon.

Till then, Got to be deep in progress in terms of painting and acquiring new stuff. At the moment, I still find it hard to adjust to the new paint series and trying to link the old names with the new ones.

Aside from that, I would also like to raise a topic that has been widely discussed among many fellow Warhammer gamers. Prices have continually increased at a frequent rate for GW products. For myself, I have been buying second hand stuff or acquiring miniatures on ebay, while I still do quite a bit of the painting and rely on painting services for some stuff, buying mainly from GW is way too expensive for me.

The only thing that I really buy direct is the citadel paints which in my opinion are high quality and have the greatest texture for an acrylic paint.

What are all of your opinions on the price increase and GW's modus operandi?

Do share.


  1. For someone who paints slowly, you have been painting a lot!

    And yes, the Imperial Griffon looks amazing. In terms of the GW pricing, I have no comment. Since GW never really listens to customers' rants.

  2. Man, these are brilliant works dude! Great Dwarven Warriors.

    And honestly for me, I am sick and tired of ranting and other people ranting about the price increase.

    It is obvious that GW ain't listening. So either we deal with it or just stop buying their stuff. While many would feel much injustice (as do I), as long as people succumb to their marketing technique, GW will still be the "Powerhouse" aka "Apple Inc." of wargaming.

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanJuly 21, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    Oh boy, It has been quite awhile since I last came here. So many great posts!!
    And great to see Warhammer stuff again. Good to see you are making your dwarf army too!

    GW's modus operandi is crap. And price increase are not that great. (Not really ranting about it. I am just merely stating a fact) I mean it is the same old sentiments from many of the long term collectors but as lnog as parents are buying their kids heap loads of Warhammer stuff, GW is going to conitnue what they do.

    That is just life.

  4. Wow, its been awhile since I last drop by. Great to see good posts and all. And I must say that you have a great paintjob done for your dwarf warriors. Great one Jiaqi!

    As for my opinion on GW pricing, I can only agree and take my stand which is similar to hawaii.

  5. Great Models yet again Jiaqi! Your painting is simply amazing! Good job man!

  6. hawaiiwarhammerfanJuly 22, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    With regards to GW's way of managing their marketing and product pricing, I do believe that there will be a reckoning sooner or later though... Just not soon enough.

  7. Well Whatever the case maybe, on a personal note, I am pretty much doing the same as Jiaqi on buying second hand stuff and acquiring miniatures online rather than from GW direct. Perhaps, GW won't stop their profit motive objective.

    But they will begin to see how the community will begin to dwindle in terms of using official GW miniatures.. In any case, I hope they would be more customer orientated.

    Because I really believe that the quality and customer support can help retain your customer base and also draw more people in. It may be a long shot in hoping that, but I believe that profit and listening to customer's opinion doesn't have to be adverse to each other.

  8. Great looking figures man!