Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DC Direct's Killzone Helghast Assault Infantry Action Figure

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Some time ago I showed some pics I took of the Helghast sniper, and this time...(and a shout out to POI and all Helghast lovers out there), here's some shots of the tireless Helghast Assault Infantry action figure!

The formidable backbone of the Helghan Army, the assault infantry is perhaps the most common enemy you face in the Killzone world and are more than ready to defend every inch of Helghan with their blood.

The Helghast assault infantry is best suited for close-quarter combat, where they can unleash streams of bullets from their full-auto StA-52 assault rifles. They are known (or "programmed" if you say) to frequently take cover and fire from cover, and even throw occasional grenades to flush enemy soldiers out.

DC Direct has a steady stream of video-game inspired action figures, and these figures are similar to MacFarlane Military figures. Good quality with fine sculpting, with the downside of limited movement and posing. These action figures are certainly designed for display and not play.

Just a casual observation, it appears that German WWII soldiers wearing gas-masks have become the staple of "bad guy sci-fi aesthetics". Some examples include Hellsing Nazi Vampires, Suckerpunch zombie Germans, Wolfenstein SS Venom Soldier, Medal of Honor: Airborne Nazi Storm Elites...and I probably haven't listed them all! There's probably something about gas masks, how they make a person look less human and more intimidating.

This particular figure is quite well made, I like how the sculpting accounts for the ruffles in the soldier's uniform. The paint job is applied well, with attention to highlighting exposed surfaces of uniform, and a gritty paint job to the rifle itself. The emblems on the helmet and right shoulder guard give the figure a very WWII German feel...not to forget the stormtrooper-like helmet and grey uniform to boot.

A piece of trivia: the 3-pronged "star" represents the Helghast triad of values: obedience, duty, and loyalty. The Helghast are essentially WWII Nazi Germany, and their fascist ideology focuses on the industrial productivity and inherent superiority of the Helghast race.

Unfortunately this figure suffers from one major flaw: the left elbow is unfinished. I have observed this from pictures other people have taken of the same figure, and it's not a single/limited design flaw. Strangely, DC Direct has neglected the left elbow a bare flat plastic surface, without any detailing...which can be quite an eyesore since it stands out from the rest of the figure.

One thing I do like about the DC Direct Heghast action figures: the way they do the eyes of the Helghast. From a distance they appear to be "glowing", which adds to the sinister/dark character of their appearance.

Another interesting feature is the StA-52 assault rifle. A hybrid on maybe a FAMAS/VHS/M203, it seems that it comes equipped with a secondary shotgun attachment. Even the figure itself has what look like shotgun shells strapped on its belt and thigh. But such a feature did not appear in the game itself...could be a slight oversight by the art and game-design team.

Killzone is one of those games that make me want to play as the "bad guys." The backstory reveals how the Helghast got screwed over by capitalism, the hardship they endured, they get invaded by the "good guys" on a whim, and they have perhaps the coolest equipment I have seen.

If you're a fan of Killzone (or just the design), I highly recommend getting the DC Direct action figures! They are well-sculpted and painted, and their fixed poses make for easy display. Currently I would lean towards the sniper figure due to the unfinished arm of the assault infantry. But if the assault infantry catches your eye, go right ahead and you won't be disappointed. Each figure right now goes for about USD 18 each.

I love being a geek, always.

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  1. Hey Hey Josh! I have the same figure. Totally agree with you on everything. And yes, that left arm is rather annoying.

    All in all, a great figure.

  2. Great Photography of the figure! Nice stuff Various version of WWII Germans are always so cool looking!

  3. Yet another awesome figure by DC Direct on a great cool game! Great stuff!

  4. For something that reasonable, the detail and artwork is pretty darn good!
    And I love Helghast Assault Infantry!

  5. I do very much prefer the sniper one I saw from the previous post.

  6. The German Gas Mask theme is always pretty awesome though.

    Aside from that, I notice this month has a lot more post then the past few.

    Really great though.!

  7. Geeks..AND NERDS ROCK!

    A real nice action figure you have there.

  8. Wow, Awesome Killzone infantry figure pictures!