Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Warhammer is back!

Hope you guys enjoyed the weeks of events and other hobby stuff, but it is time for me to get back to the biggest damn tabletop wargaming experience called WARHAMMER.

Not too long ago, I was reviewing some of my wonderful grail knights that I have took much pain to paint and build up for the obvious reason that the grail knights are one of the most awesome deadly units in Bretonnia and that I really like them a lot.

However, I discovered to my horror that one of the knights was missing a shield. It was quite infuriating. (Don't you just hate it when you discover something or some piece from a miniature or model kit that goes missing because that piece drops without your knowledge due to the adhesive wearing out or when it MAGICALLY disappears or when you accidentally break it.)

In this case, it was the former, in which I couldn't locate the lost piece. So in order to rectify the situation, I went to ebay to find for Grail Knight Shield bits. Unfortunately, they don't have any and the best I could find are the normal Knight of the Realms shield bits. While they are the same in size, they lack the engraving that juts out of the Grail Knight Shield.

Therefore, I had to do a bit of conversion or add-on of the engravings to the shield.
With some green putty and a lil bit of mediocre workmanship, I was able to come up with a new shield for my Grail Knight.

TADDDAAA and enjoy!

I decided to choose the simple design of the Chalice as I am not a great sculptor of Green Putty. Did take me quite a while but I was able to finish it up and paint it in nice simple colours as shown here. Furthermore, I did add a simple fleur de lys design on the top right hand corner to add a little more dynamics into the shield.

Voila! My Grail Knight is back in order and will be ready for battle again as I prepare to get myself orientated with the new rules of Warhammer 8th ed. Of which, I shall be pitting myself against Wei Ting and Joshua and also join a Warhammer League in Paradigm Infinitum, a local tabletop gaming centre.

On top of that, here is a sneak peek of another miniature I have completed along the many months.

After playing a short stint of Warhammer online with my buddies, I was inspired to get miniatures that were representatives of the character I played in the Online game. My character as many have known from my previous post a while back was the Ironbreaker called "Handsomekia".

So as such, I wanted to get them out as fast as possible and paint them in their max level full glory and armor. While I was inspired to get these Ironbreakers due to Warhammer Online, I already had a particular liking of these guys at one point of time when I had a taste for Dwarven might.

Ironbreakers are pretty much the quintessential representation of the characteristic of a dwarf. Their stubborn, stoics and unbreakable against any tide or wave of attack.

Like Boulders of stones, they are immovable. And like in the game, they are tanks, able to take huge damage and wear down the attackers so that the hammer of the army can disintegrate the enemy attackers.

Haven't personally faced Dwarves before, but I do know for sure that I ain't going to let my knights charged this guys first.

Stay tune for more entries... CHEERIOS!


  1. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 12, 2011 at 3:45 AM

    Great Shield Design! Simple yet nice.
    And Great Painting of the Ironbreaker.

    God I hate going head on with these guys..

  2. FINALLY Some Warhammer at last!

    Nice figures and Great painting of both. I really do especially like your clean slate painting of the Knight.

  3. I am LIKE your shield too!! great job on that!

    Dwarves ain't too much of my thing this time round though.. Its good though, your painting

  4. Dammit!
    I feel I have been missing out soo much but good to see great stuff from Warhammer again.

    I got ta say, Great Job Joshua and Jiaqi!

  5. Fine Miniatures!1 And good to see Dwarves!!1
    I too really like the Ironbreakers!!

    Frigging awesome warriors of the Mines!

    I think both techniques can be infused to make a great painted miniature!!

    KEEP up the good work DUDE!

  6. I have to add on that the more I look at the shield you did, The more I have an increase liking for the design.

    Good luck on your battles and Warhammer games!!

  7. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 14, 2011 at 6:13 AM

    By the way, What army ya fielding for the League?

  8. @hawaiiwarhammerfan, I might be using Bretonnian since I am more familiar with that army than any other army.

    And Thanks all for the kind comments