Friday, January 21, 2011

Kuchiki Byakuya

Kuchiki Byakuya. The no. 6 Captain of the Shinigami or Death Gods.

I must say, He is by far, one of my most favourite characters in Bleach. And While the series tends to stretch on in a very dreary-like manner, I still can reminisce on the old days when he whoop the crap out of the main character, Ichigo.

Known for his exceptional mastery in his swordmanship and his flawless knowledge of the mystique arts of Kidou. Byakuya would be pretty much the A star kid in the school that excels in every goddamn subject.

On top of that, he is known to be one of the few exceptionally fast Shinigamis in terms of Flash Step (Shunpo).

He is also very in tuned with his sword that he has so many levels of swordpower that would put other Captains to shame.

(An example would be, most Captain's on average will have a primary level of Sword power called "Shikai" and One form of Secondary Power which is their most powerful form a.k.a "Bankai". Byakuya has one shikai and so far according to my count, 3 levels of Bankai)

With such vast knowledge, skill, prowess and power, it is dissapointing to see that young upstart of a character called Ichigo, beat Byakuya...

Then again, that was how the story had to play out anyway and how Ichigo's characteristic is base on.

I will start to catch up with what I have missed out from Bleach and give my review of the show soon.

Till then, Enjoy more of our posts coming soon!


  1. Good shot of Byakuya!! like the Lighting and the editing effect!

  2. Always thought this guy was super cool in the Anime.

  3. I have this figure too!!
    But you're photo-taking really elaborates the features and colors of the figure to make it look really great!

  4. Definitely the most cooolest Samurai Death God in the series. And he has the coolest power-ups too.
    Byakuya FTW

  5. Great photo, Good figure.. Not that great a show. :p

  6. Haha I must say, everyone seems to like to do a little bashing on the Bleach Anime yeah?

  7. I really like how you put the photoshop effect that really showcases his senbonzakura power.