Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ironbreakers don't break my heart

Not all things that come from the underground are bad..
Dwarves are such a race that pride themselves in building and engineering their great forts and mines under the earth.

Among the great dwarves, Ironbreakers are one of the most highly regarded warriors of the dwarven world.

In following up from my previous post, I present to you my completed Dwarven Ironbreaker regiment.

This time around, I decided to adopt a different way in painting these figures. Instead of the usual clean slate style that involves primary coat followed by layering and washing, I decided to do more drybrushing and make the dwarves look more grittier than my other paintjobs. Furthermore, while I did not forsake in details, I did more layering and less tidy type of paint style to give more depth to the dwarves.

Decided to use some small stone slab that i got from some quarry area in my days overseas in Sunway, Malaysia to serve as my base. Did a rough paintjob of painting green on the top of the slab of stone and a mixed of snake leather, scorch brown and grey to make the base part look like earth and stone.

While Ironbreaker doesn't have the vibrant range of colours like the Bretonnians, it was important that I use various shades of metal and grey paint to ensure a more distinct look on the armor itself. With my black primer as base, I work in progress from dark shade to lighter. Started with chainmail mix with 1/4 chaos black.. work my way up another layer and ended with highlights of boltgun metal followed by Fortress grey and white.

The Brownish gold areas were a combination of scorched brown mixed with snakebite leather and then I highlighted it with a culmination of snakebite leather mix with a tinge of white and the final lighted highlight was a bit of bleach bone.

I ended off with putting weights on the base and doing various touch-ups. It is my first time changing my painting style and I must say I am pretty proud with the total look of it. I will continue to further improve on it but I am glad that at least along the years of painting and assembling stuff, I have improved bit by bit.

Anyway, that's it for me today. In about 3 days, the Warhammer League will start, and I will probably have to get on registering for it. Other than that, I will give a rundown of the faceoff battles between Wei Ting and Joshua and many other Warhammer Battles soon. So stay Tune!



  1. Wow Jiaqi.. These are really really epic stuff..
    You have done a real great job!

  2. Ironbreakers.. don't break hearts... they break iron, meat and flesh.

  3. And enemy morale. :P Lol

  4. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 16, 2011 at 5:32 AM

    Damn.. that was cheesy...
    Great Painted Model though..
    Really epic looking Ironbreakers Jiaqi!

  5. Pretty Psyched to see more of your battles and figures!!!
    Keep up the Awesome updates, Toyconstruct!!!

  6. Not to forget...they also break wallets. :P

  7. LOL.. Warhammer: The cure for having money.. HAHAHA

    Thanks for the compliments though guys!

  8. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 17, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    Both of you guys, Jiaqi and Josh are hilarious..
    LOL.. I have to agree with you on that.. LOL

  9. Great pictures, great paintjob. Awesome entry :)
    Liking Warhammer lots because of Toyconstruct!

  10. HAHAHAH guys.. it sure is the cure for money!!