Friday, January 7, 2011

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention

It would be pretty dreary to tell you that things have been pretty crazy for the peeps working on this blog but life has been pretty hectic for me and Josh in such a way that I can barely even breathe a sec.

Regardless of that fact, I would like to apologize for not giving more posts per week than I would like to.

Today I shall be reviewing the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010.

After going through quite a nerdy extravaganza overseas, I decided to continue on another aspect of something that Toyconstruct should also get involved. And that would be this Convention.

The SGTCC is basically a convention in which the world of comics, games and collectibles band together into one place to showcase stuff for the fans. While the major players such as Marvel, Lucasfilms and Lucasart were there. There were a fair share of Asian influence in the convention such as Anime and Cosplay activities followed by an appearance from the AKB48 girls (wasn't able to go for that one as It was on the second day of SGTCC and I was unable to attend that day.)

A Gundam Outfit prepared by a few guys for the Cosplay competition in STGCC. Evidently, Anime and Cosplay has become a significant part of Comic Conventions such as the one in STGCC and even in Comiccon itself.

Ironman and Predator Dress up

Apart from the big names of these conventions, people in their costumes were also an attraction that added more sparkle to the already awesome local event. On a personal note, the most greatest part of the convention that I really enjoyed would have to be the smaller companies and artists that showcase their talents and presented some awesome artworks, illustrations and even sculptures.

I am happy to see a sizeable amount of local talent drawing really awesome character artwork for DC and other major companies. One such group of artists are from this company called Imaginary friends which had a few local talents that produce really awesome portrait and cover art pictures of DC and Star War heroes. So wicked were the artworks that I had to get my hands on a few even though I am not one of those hardcore comic fans.

One of the artists from Imaginary friends doing an awesome digital art piece of the Spacemarines in Warhammer 40k

Here we have some sculptors doing some great "action pose" sculpts of our favorite heroes from Marvel and others. (Really does put me to shame, or at the very least show how much talent these guys have.. compared to my miserable model kit assembling and painting of miniatures). It isn't even about conversion of miniatures or military models anymore, these guys take it to another whole level of visualizing and sculpting something from their head and make it look so awesome.

There were a few awesome Star Wars displays and Outfit Shops that sell pre-fabricated costumes for die-hard enthusiast to don their favourite action hero outfit and be the envy of every other fan out there.

Last but not least, the action figures, collector toys and items were displayed all over the convention. From cutesy cartoonish toys to anime figures to Action figures of all forms and sizes, the major action figure retailers were in full force to display many of their products.

I for one like the real life action figures like the military solider in the picture above and the Bruce Lee one below.

While this convention wasn't as big or as great in grandeur as Comiccon in the US, it held is own.. and STGCC had many panels from various renowned Comic Book artist and other peeps associated to animation.

It was a great outing even though I kinda flew solo on this convention. However, it did open me to a world of comic like I have never known myself. I thought I was an avid Marvel fan when I was just a Primary School kid (collecting Comics, action figures and everything in between), but I guess I have much to learn or realize that hardcore is knowing who drew the art-piece or comic book issue and what version of Iron Man or Spider-man did you particularly enjoy in terms of the illustration and story.

I have been pretty out of touch in terms of the Marvel Universe right after the Civil War issue. And even before that, I hardly kept up with things. But I guess Marvel has still been able to "MARVEL" me with their movies and bring back old "nostalgia" in my heart.

But don't feel at lost DC Comics, I have many particularly great attachment to many of the heroes in DC Universe too.

Other than that, I think i should stop blabbering to myself and let you enjoy the pictures of the Convention on Our Facebook page.

Under the link:

Will be posting more real soon! Cheers


  1. Is it me or doyour dates not reallly comply with the actual time it is publicized?

  2. HAHAH many apologize guys :p

  3. Spelling fail Jiaqi. HAHA
    But wow, the convention looks really great :)
    Nice to see Comiccon phenomenon going around the globe.

  4. The Bruce Lee Figures are awesome man!!!
    Really dig those type of life-like figures.

  5. two thumbs up on the Darth Maul Statue!

  6. WOw, Jiaqi, I realise you really know quite alot in terms of many aspects of various hobbies and all.

    Model Kits, Modern Military, Warhammer, Comics... HHAHA Full-blown nerd aren't you? HAHA

    Still, really great stuff and I am happy to see all of Toyconstruct's entries

  7. I didn't think you would know much of Comics though. I mean I know you have said that you do not know in-depth, but your knowledge is adequate enough to call you a comic fan. :)

  8. The Gundam cosplay thing is pretty cool. However, I must add that the face looks rather weird.

    Poor guy though, It doesn't look like it is very comfortable to walk and wear it.

  9. Haha, @Desolater. My apologies... Indeed that was an embarassing fail in spelling.

    @ Nat, Yes I am a full-blown nerd, like an infestation, I am here to spread the disease to u all


    @POI he look pretty awkward and encumbered by the suit.. But it was all in the name of COSPLAY.

  10. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 12, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    Wow, I really dig the Action Figure sculpting...
    Looks pretty damn nice in your album.