Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Men-at-arms and lowly Peasants!

Good Day to all!

I am back with more Warhammer! And it will be pretty much be a few long days of Warhammer in Toyconstruct.

As of now, I am in a Warhammer League in which I am pitting my army against ppl of the Singaporean Warhammer Community. This would be my first time not battling against my usual friends and at the same time practicing my skills and knowledge in the art of war using the new Warhammer 8th edition rules.

I will give you updates and pictures of the competition and more. Other than that, WISH ME LUCK!

Onto the pictures for this entry!
I believe that for those who have followed my Warhammer blog ( before Toyconstruct would know that I have a few really old edition Men-at-arms from Bretonnia. Back then, they came in blister pack and cost a fortune to buy a sizeable amount of Men and field them. Yet they have crap stats and the recent army book has only made things worse by giving my Men-at-arm a measly Weapon skill 2.

Well, I haven't really got around to paiting and basing it totally but at the start of last year or earlier, i decided to finish it up and touch it up with washes and make it look better than their plan colours.

While I must say I didn't really do intensive re-painting, I made improvements and did the essential basing needed. So here they are, back again in their most refined pictures so far. You might take notice of the leader Men-at-arm that I have used in other pictures long ago.

It is also interesting to note that many of these Men-at-arms have clean slate faces and look less grittier than the current ones I have made. (I think I have mentioned this before.)

But after half a year or so since I had last feature them in progress, I present to you my completed new edition Men-at-arms of Bretonnia, complete with extra trinkets.

I pretty damn happy with the painting that I had done with this guys. While they still have areas that are clean slate, I have applied more drybrushing and more fine detailing compared to the previous Men-at-arms. But perhaps, you guys can make a more diversified comparison of the two. However, this guys were done before I did my Ironbreakers. Therefore, you can see it isn't as gritty or layered as much compared to my recent works.

However, I must also point out that because the new Men-at-arms are sculpted in more details which has also enabled me to make use of the extra details to paint better and make it look better than the old models.

Stay tune for more pics of my Men-at-arms in the next entry.


  1. Nicely painted Lowly Peasants! HAHAHA.

    Great Paintjob and Assembly!! Awesome stuff!

  2. Quite obvious that the new edition Men-at-arms look cooler. I like both paintjobs though!! High Quality clean slate stuff!

  3. You do know that the new edition to Hit table is pretty them different now right.

    U cant hit higher than a 5+ or lower than a 3+ so not much of a big difference now I guess.

  4. It's been pretty much like this. But I can understand Jiaqi's frustration. With a weapon skill 2, even against crappy units, u will have to roll a 4+ against WS 3.. While WS 3 against ur peasant needs a 3+ to hit.

    It becomes way more easier to hit the men-at-arms

  5. I haven't really say this but I haven't seen a Bretonnian player or played with one for a long time.

    But Let us be frank here. I don't think we are expecting your peasant men-at-arms to kill anything. And i guess the same goes for Slaves, Skeletons and Gnoblars. Their stats weren't made for killing. They were made for Stopping and attack.

  6. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 29, 2011 at 2:56 AM

    Well unless u face Ogres charging at you. Quite hard to stop that unless u got huge ass numbers of Men-at-arms!

  7. well is 50 a huge ass number? Cos 50 is worth like 200 points? add in a command.. that's like what? 250 points? Still able to hold the ogres dude.

  8. chaoslurker is right. And IF you face SKAVEN, slaves are worth 2 points. Thats like 100 of them. I like to see point for point comparison on how the Ogres will take them on.

    Remember the STEADFAST rule too.

  9. One spell: Dweller's Below. :P

  10. LoL. Damn that darn spell!