Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fantasy Tabletop Wargaming Update

Greetings to all yet again!

Bet you guys weren't expecting such a huge load of entries per week now yeah?

In any case, I shall give you the updates on our tryout of the Warhammer 8th Edition.

In the first game, It was a battle between brethren. High Elves (Wei Ting) against Dark Elves (Joshua) and it was a match-up I have been looking forward to for a year since knowing that Joshua was starting up Dark Elves.

After facing Wei Ting's new edition High Elves with my Bretonnians, I knew that Wei Ting would be a tough customer to the first time Dark Elf General Joshua. Furthermore, with many buff ups for the High Elf army, all Wei Ting needed were consistent rolls. Of which, he was able to deal a swift death blow to my Bretonnian army.

I was anticipating Wei Ting to be doing the same to Joshua.

However, Joshua had the element of surprise as we were both unfamiliar with Dark Elf tactics and the general abilities that the Dark Elf army could inflict on the High Elves.

So the first few turns started out slow, Wei Ting was buffing up his units and edging slowly to meet Joshua's Dark Elves. Within those turns, Joshua had the unfortunate circumstance of casting a miscast which rendered his Mage useless as it got reduce to a level 0 Mage.

Things got a little trickier halfway into the game as Joshua continued firing volleys upon volleys of Bolts against Wei Ting army. The firepower of the Dark Elves were superior to that of the High Elf but it wasn't long before swords clashed. However, during the process where charges were made and close combat ensuing, Joshua made a mistake of opting his fast Calvary to flee through his own units to lure Wei Ting's Spearmen into his bigger unit of Dark Elf Spearmen. The plan sorta failed as he failed his leadership test for panic and caused both units to almost flee off the table. However, he manage to recompose himself and rally his fleeing units before Wei Ting could overrun them.

Eventually, Joshua set loose his War Hydra which pretty much ravage much of Wei Ting's core units to call it a victory. However in the midst of this entire game, we forgot a few rules that were vital to Joshua winning. The rule where single models do not have 360 degree view and have a specific charging arc meant that the War Hydra could not have rear Wei Ting's unit of Elven Spearmen after overrunning another unit and having its back faced the Wei Ting's Unit of Spearmen. We also carelessly forgot that in terms of shooting, only head torso and arms are counted as being visible in terms of line of sight and that ornaments and weapons doesn't count as being part of the line of sight too. Therefore, Joshua's shooting wouldn't have been as deadly as it was. Especially firing through the hill. While vital, it was widely agreed that Joshua seized the day of Battle with a huge effort giving to the RBTs and the War Hydras.

The next game pitted my Chaos Army against Joshua's Dark Elves. Having a history of doing quite crappily with my Chaos army especially against Joshua's Empire, I was pretty wary and scared facing off with his Dark Elves. This was especially so since i witness the decimation of Wei Ting's High Elf Army.

I chose to field Khorne and while it is pretty much the worst army to face a Dark elf, I was banking on Combat and also hoping my Magic resistance would prove a hindrance to Joshua.

The beginning of the game, Joshua's shooting was picking off my Chaos Warriors and Knights quite easily. Much to my dismay, My Chaos Knights whom were really expensive, were felled easily by Dark Elf firepower and magic.

I Trudge on.. preparing my Horde of Warrior to face Elven steal and bask in the bloody mess that would ensue in Close combat.

Eventually, Steel tips and Great Axes fell upon each other and because my Chaos Warriors were equipped to have as many chances of attacks. It took a huge toll of casualties on Joshua's Dark Elf army. All this while, I have been losing my numbers to shooting and evil magic eating away through the armor of my warriors (Plague of Rust). But once I lay my sword on his army's flesh, I even the total casualties inflicted on both sides.

While the situation got into a real tie breaker in which Joshua could continue to chop me down with his range units and use his close combat units to wear me down. I stood a chance of removing his Repeater Bolt Throwers (RBTs) and finishing up the battlegrounds with the brunt of my vanguard.

However, we had to call the game forfeit as we realized that i had fouled up the rule on supporting rank attack (Supporting rank only attack once regardless of how many attack you have), I was using the actual attack stat of my supporting rank rather than just one sole attack which pretty much skewed my number of hits and wounds. Fearing that we had not much time left in the day, we concluded the battle as forfeited. However, admittedly I must say, I would have been in the losing plight of things at tht point of time as it would have meant I would have inflicted less casualties and Joshua could have lured my massive horde of Chaos Warriors around while he shoots me to death. He still had plenty of units to charge and flank me.

And while my two large units of Chaos Warriors were still in healthy condition, I had fail to break his hold of shooting on me.

Clearly though, Time was not on our side as Joshua had a busy schedule in Singapore before he returns back to the US.

But in conclusion, The Dark Elf army was a refreshing new opponent and Joshua really showed martial prowess in tackling both High Elf and Chaos Army.

As for now, I have to do a fast track learning session on the new rules and get ready for the Warhammer League. My Bretonnian Army will be facing High Elves and Lizardmen in the next few days. Hopefully, My knights won't disappoint me.

Till then. Keep on gaming :)


  1. Woah Jiaqi, Bad mistake indeed... on the extra attacks from the supporting units :-/

  2. Ouch.. Great Basic ark Elf tactics ;)

    And Jiaqi.. All the best for your league!

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanJanuary 24, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    HAHA sucks being Khorne against shooty units..

  4. Sucks Being Khorne against Dark Elves..
    HAHA. Nonetheless, good luck on the tourney and oh btw, I must agree with the crazy bombardment of new entries.. KEEP IT UP!

  5. You know what sucks more than Khorne?
    Losing... Losing SUX...
    HAHA Im kidding! Thanks all for the well wishes nonetheless :)

  6. Liking the look of the Hydra, And if I am correct, they have three types of Breath Weapons.. Freaking deadly!

  7. My god, dude.. Your figures all look epic and cool and well painted!

    Both chaos and Dark Elves! and yes, got to agree with Vickers, Nice HYDRA!

  8. Always be careful of RBTs, they are real killers.
    Other than that, Nice Dark Elf Spearmen and Chaos Warriors!! High Quality painting guys!