Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Once upon a time ago..

So I am back again

This time round I decided to show you a few pics on what I have been doing on my last holiday.

2 months ago or so, have been using some of my time by embarking a SHORT holiday trip to another place away from Singapore. Just that only this place is online. I decided to go on a short stint run of an awesome RVR (Realm vs Realm) online game known as Warhammer Online or WAR in short. (Yes, THE WARHAMMER online)

Decided to be a Dwarf and chose the class of Ironbreaker. While much of the concept of fantasy MMORPG is pretty much the same. The PvP (Player vs Player) system is well formulated and because it was Mythic Entertainment (Makers of Dark Age of Camelot), you can't really go wrong in terms of PvP MMORPG. it uses a realm or zone versus zone system where its a free for all against you enemies in these zones around the world. Furthermore, certain zones are restricted to certain level range to keep a balance of play and also provide the atmosphere that it is a world of constant war and battle.

"HARLoee There, I am Handsomekia" (Kia being guy in a Chinese dialect)

What I really like the most is that the world was pretty accurate in its depiction of the old world and the people involved. (No Bretonnians. :( but there were all sorts of other races and familiar units that Warhammer gamers can relate to). In fact, I did take some time during the game to check out all the people and places that made the Warhammer World for what it is. Like a tourist, I stumbled across many of the races like..

OGRE and his master

Halberdiers of the Imperial Guards

Knights of the Blazing Sun, an Imperial Knightly Order in Altdorf

Me and a High Elf Hero in Ulthuan

All in all it was a fun time and I manage to get to level 25-26 "pwning" the Forces of Destruction (Well, most of the time at least :S) . Max level for WAR is 40 so I am not far from it.

However, I must add that this is a more PvP orientated online game. Don't expect it to be similar to World of Warcraft. Furthermore, it isn't a game that is a grind quest type of Roleplaying game but involves lots of teamwork. WAR doesn't have the same graphics or interaction and options that can make it better than World of Warcraft. It also lacks the PvE and Guild Raiding experience that World of Warcraft provides. But it makes do with the RvR and PvP system. From raiding castles to plain Battlefields, WAR can be a real fun game to play, especially when your efforts of killing your enemies and capturing places are benefiting ur side in the overall War between both sides.

In all honesty though, It will be hard for WAR to compete with the giant machine that is Blizzard. As they lack many interactive features, abilities and the fan-base to compete However, if you want to try it out, it is free till Level 10 so have a go and take a holiday trip to the Old World. Its especially fulfilling for Warhammer fans

Not sure when I will return to the WAR but check out my Screen-shots on my album in
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34381734906&ref=ts#!/album.php?aid=198891&id=273964222832

You'd get to see familiar faces of Lords and Characters that you would recognize from the Warhammer world.

Till next time, CHEERS


  1. Haha, Holiday in Warhammer Online. That is sad..
    OR IS IT? >o<

  2. Definitely not sad.

    Quite good progress in just 1 month.

    I'm guessing casual yes?

  3. HAHAAH no Bretonnians indeed.
    WAR is different from WoW on many levels.

    But agreed, WoW is too big and dynamic for WAR to be a competitive force.

    In any case, WAR would definitely serve as a good substitute for PvP when WoW is down and for max level players that are waiting for the next WoW expansion.

  4. I had played WAR before. I for one particularly like castle raiding and just outright battling against forces of destruction and owning them.

    Good memories. Now that I think about it, makes me want to play again. Haha